By Dr. Jim Dahle, WCI Founder

It has been almost two years since I last wrote about the other physician financial blogs out there, and boy has the landscape changed! I thought it was time to write another post about them. When I wrote that article in 2016, I mentioned 16 blogs, including 4 written by non-physicians and one that was really a podcast. Of the remaining 11, 2 are now members of the WCI network, one's author has passed on (RIP Amanda), and three are currently inactive. In addition, 20 or so of those which have started since then are either inactive or have completely disappeared. That leaves us with 52 for my list today. Requirements to be on this list include blog posts addressing financial topics being regularly written by a physician including at least once in the last three months. I have listed them in order of their Alexa ranking at the end of June 2018. Alexa rankings are easily obtained and correlate reasonably well with blog traffic, but aren't perfect. So it's possible that a blog belongs a little higher or lower on this list than they are. Plus, web traffic is very fluid so the longer it's been since I published this, the less accurate it will be. An Alexa rank is basically a list of how popular a website is. So if my Alexa rank is 53,607, The White Coat Investor is the 53,607th most popular site in the world.

Thank you to all those who have started blogs to help physicians with their finances. You're helping us fulfill our mission to help those who wear the white coat get a “fair shake” on Wall Street. I made this list partly just to keep track of you all, but also because we're always looking for the next member of The White Coat Investor Network. However, I fear the 80+ blogs out there may be diluting the limited readership in this tiny niche so much that no more physician financial blogs will ever get big enough to join! Some of these blogs are written to a niche, within a niche, within a niche. Surely, there's something for you here somewhere.


The Big List of Active Physician Financial Bloggers


#1 The White Coat Investor 

Started May 2011, Alexa Rank 53,607 (9,556 in US)

Not the first, but definitely the biggest. Many of the other bloggers credit WCI as the inspiration to start their own.


early retirement for doctors#2 Physician on FIRE

Started January 2016, Alexa Rank 126,370 (23,957 in US)

WCI might be head and shoulders above the rest, but PoF is an obvious second when it comes to reach. Most of you need no introduction to this blog focused on financial independence and early retirement for physicians.


#3 Ben White

Started in 2007, Alexa Rank 157,779 (25,428 in US)

This ranking was a surprise to me. Ben has been blogging for a long time, although only a minority of the posts are financially related. Lately he's had a bit more of a focus on student loans (including a book on the topic).


Doctor passive income#4 Passive Income MD 

Started July 2016, Alexa Rank 231,954 (43,159 in US)

The third member of the WCI network, PIMD blogs about passive income, real estate, and entrepreneurship. PoF and I are always impressed with his entrepreneurial mind.


#5 The Happy Philosopher 

Started June 2016, Alexa Rank 829,486 (205,262 in US)

More of a focus on philosophy and wellness, but also plenty of financial topics, this one is the highest ranking non-commercial blog on the list, although its author reserves the right to monetize it at any time!


#6 Wall Street Physician

Started January 2017, Alexa Rank 840,585 (149,154 in US)

The highest-ranking of the “new guys” this one is written by a doc who used to work on Wall Street. Excellent treatment of investing topics.


#7 Future Proof MD 

Started January 2015, Alexa Rank 916,534 (203,935 in US)

I am in awe of what Bo Liu has been able to do as a resident. If you don't like my long-windedness, you'll love his brevity.


#8 Life of a Med Student 

Started July 2016, Alexa Rank 1,004,582 (179,410 in US)

Originally a hashtag and a huge Twitter account, this is also now a blog with occasional treatment of financial topics.


#9 Smart Money MD

Started March 2015, Alexa Rank 1,158,585 (205,525 in US)

Persistence pays off; this is another one of the survivors from the original list. Expect about 5 posts a month.


#10 DiverseFI

Started December 2017, Alexa Rank 1,194,575 (236,040 in US)

Another impressive newcomer, this blogger is currently cranking out DAILY articles.


#11 Senior Resident

Started January 2016, Alexa Rank 1,382,409

About 1/3 of the posts by “Sensei” are financially related.


#12 Crispy Doc 

Started September 2016, Alexa Rank 1,762,127 (327,017 in US)

“Crispy” refers to the first stage of burnout, but this doctor doesn't seem burnt out on blogging at all.


#13 The Motivated M.D.

The anonymous author is a pulmonary and critical care physician practicing academic medicine in the southeastern United States. He owed $670,000 after he and his wife graduated from medical school, and now he writes about paying off debt, FIRE, and the best financial services for doctors.


#14 Sustainable Medicine

Started June 2015, Alexa Rank 1,969,274 (261,273 in US)

Originally called Urgent Care Career, the focus broadened when she left medicine after 7 years at age 39 in 2016. Less medicine, more finance and FI kind of material. Not sure either of the blog names make sense given the current focus. She may be rebranding as Medicine and Finance.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#15 Rogue Dad MD 

Started April 2017, Alexa Rank 2,028,102

dad at work while camping

Blogger on vacation

This WCI Conference panelist writes about an “alt-brown” perspective on life. He publishes occasional posts (and a real academic paper) on physician finance but is most famous for tweeting about his son's tooth fairy entrapment episode.


#16 Life of FI MD

Started January 2018, Alexa Rank 2,146,300 (234,829 in US)

A pun on the Life of PI, this new blog is focused on financial independence.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#17 Solo Building Blogs 

Started July 2017, Alexa Rank 2,190,025

This blog might be new, but we've known the blogger since 2010. The original incarnation (IBallDoc) preceded WCI  and was on this blog's original blogroll for years. It still focuses on starting your own practice.


#18 Dads Dollars Debts

Started October 2016, Alexa Rank 2,309.099 (334,534 in US)

This WCI Conference panel member became particularly famous in the blogosphere when his house burned to the ground. Luckily, he escaped and blogs on.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#19 The Physician Philosopher

Started November 2017, Alexa Rank 2,710,070

This newer blog is an up and comer. Don't confuse it with The Happy Philosopher. Far less philosophy and far more finance here.


#20 Xrayvsn 

Started April 2018, Alexa Rank 3,448,580 (432,194 in US)

Another up and comer, getting lots of traffic for a brand new blog.


#21 Miss Bonnie MD 

Started December 2016, Alexa Rank 3,475,611

One of the most well-known female physician financial bloggers, she also spoke at the WCI conference.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#22 Nisha Mehta MD

Larry Keller

Platinum Level Scholarship Sponsor

Started December 2017, Alexa Rank 3,493,427 (645,863 in US)

Another WCI conference speaker, she is perhaps best known as the founder of the Physician Side Gigs Facebook Group. The blog focuses on wellness, balance, and burnout with occasional forays into finance.


#23 Side Hustle Scrubs

Started April 2018, Alexa Rank 3,689,271 (421,433 in US)

All about physician side jobs and non-traditional medical careers.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#24 Prescription for Financial Success 

Started March 2016, Alexa Rank 3,934,242 (608,275 in US)

Perhaps best known for his physician financial book series, this retired surgeon also blogs while RVing around the country.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#25 Table for One Solitary Diner 

Started February 2015, Alexa Rank 4,442,595

Most posts aren't financial, but “Frugalish Physician” is a Canadian woman who throws enough of them in to get on the list.


#26 B. C. Krygowski 

Started 3/17, Alexa Rank 4,754,312

Another one of the women on the list, she and her husband are both part-time docs.


#27 Delayed Earner

Started June 2017, Alexa Rank 4,878,559

A new attending talks about his finances on the internet.


#28 Doctored Money

Started April 2017, Alexa Rank, 4,890,856

I almost didn't include this one as one of the three bloggers is a financial advisor, but all three are docs so why not. Only 17 posts in 15 months, but technically active. There was a previous iteration (no Alexa data) started in 2014, but the posts were pretty sporadic. (1-6 posts/year)


#29 Wealthy Doc 

Started 2007, Alexa Rank 4,962,249

The first physician financial blog I'm aware of, as he moves into late career he admits “I'm not willing to work hard enough to do much more with this blog than I'm doing.” As you can tell from the rank, just being first doesn't necessarily get you high on the list! Still the content is great even if there isn't much promoting or monetizing going on.


#30 Millionaire Doc 

Started August 2017, Alexa Rank 5,026,885

This anonymous millionaire has a significant focus on syndicated real estate.


#31 Doc of All Tradez 

Started March 2017, Alexa Rank 5,228,771

One of the few bloggers who is also podcasting, he averages about a post a month on the “Surviving Surgery” blog.


#32 Look for Zebras 

Started Fall 2017, Alexa Rank 5,395,317

Another female blogger, this one seems to have a heavy focus on non-clinical jobs for docs.


#33 The Loonie Doctor 

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

Started September 2017, Alexa Rank 5,447,479

Our second of three Canadian physician finance bloggers, this one is the most proud of it with a .ca URL and the word “Loonie” in the title (a Loonie is a $1 coin eh). He focuses on the aspects of finance unique to Canadians.


#34 Pediatrician Finds Financial Independence  

Started January 2018, Alexa Rank 5,482,996

With this new blog, the title says it all. Join this two doc couple as they work toward FI.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#35 Dr. McFrugal

Started September 2017, Alexa Rank 5,778,063

Most physician financial blogs talk about frugality, but this one focuses on frugality and minimalism.


#36 Dr. NetWorth

Started November 2017, Alexa Rank 6,176,345

In a battle with The Loonie Doctor to be the WCI of the Great White North, this Canadian blogger seems to be slowing down with the last post in mid-May.


#37 Dads Making Cents

Started April 2018, Alexa Rank 6,314,642

Two dad authors of this one; Dr. Linus is an MD and Woodstock is a JD.


#38 Dr. Scrilla

Started May 2018, Alexa Rank 6,927,593

This brand new blog is by a dramatically indebted new doc who wants to teach himself personal finance by blogging about it, or at least documenting his journey to financial success.


#39 OB Doctor Mom 

Started March 2017, Alexa Rank 7,119,056

This female doc left obstetrics at 37 and writes about early separation from medicine.


#40 Financially Free MD

Started May 2017, Alexa Rank 7,478,059

Another one by a Canadian. Where are the Aussie, Kiwis, and Brit physician financial blogs?


#41 Some Random Guy Online

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

Started September 2016, Alexa Rank 8,036,111

He might portray himself as “some random guy” pursuing FI, but he's an emergency doc married to another doc. Ad-free for those who get turned off by the ones on this site.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#42 PracticeBalance

Started October 2011, Alexa Rank 8,129,305

This part-time female physician and WCI Conference panel member has found the balance in her life with this early blog. The blog is also pretty balanced, with a relatively minor focus on finances.


#43 Dr. Moneyblog

Started January 2018, Alexa Rank 8,666,113

The second female Canadian financial physician blogger on the list. No niche too small! This one is unabashedly anonymous and non-monetized.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#44 The Vital Physician Executive

Started June 2016, Alexa Rank 8,920,110

The focus here is on helping doctors in management roles with a sprinkling of non-clinical career type topics.


#45 My Curiosity Lab

Started May 2017, Alexa Rank 9,013,615

Another member of a two physician couple writing anonymously about whatever interests him. Thankfully one of those things is personal finance.


#46 The First Habit

Started December 2016, Alexa Rank 9,197,093

One day his neighbor told him he started a blog and he thought “that sounds like a waste of time.” Now my next door neighbor is in on the act too. He blogs about finance, fitness, wisdom, and mostly, the importance of establishing good habits.


#47 Foreign Born MD

Started October 2017, Alexa Rank 9,291,059

IMG issues, including finance, written by a female physician.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


#48 Keeping Up with the Darkos

Started March 2015, Alexa Rank 10,785,886

Far better known for the podcast, the Darkos also blog from time to time. I like their treatment of marital issues surrounding finances.


#49 Burnetts Ahoy 

Started July 2014, No Alexa Data

Insuring Income

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

A female FI doc who now sails and occasionally blogs, mostly about sailing but with occasional financial references. If you've dreamed of ditching it all for full on FIRE, this is probably worth your time.


#50 Fifteen Minute Financial Fitness

Started, No Alexa Data

This one is still sitting on a temporary domain, but hopefully it'll stick around long enough to get its own domain.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


I'm sure I've forgotten someone, and for that, I apologize. Please just post in the comments section and I'll either add you to this list or include you the next time we do this.


Honorable Mention

There are a few other blogs that really ought to be considered here. However, they don't qualify to be on “The Big List” for various reasons. Either they're really not blogging about finances or they're not a physician. But my audience isn't 100% physicians, so I thought these folks deserved a shout-out too.



Started 2004, Alexa Rank 61,047 (14,811 in US)

Kevin doesn't actually write about finances, but there was a finance section of the blog started in January 2015 which publishes stuff from many of the bloggers in the above list.


The Happy MD

Started Alexa Rank 490,723 (129,667 in US)

If there is anyone more fired up about burnout than The Happy Philosopher, it has to be The Happy MD. Some might criticize someone talking about overcoming burnout who doesn't actually practice anymore, but it's still a useful resource.  The only reason it isn't on the “The Big List” is because it rarely hits financial topics, even if your financial situation might have enough to do with burnout that I included it as a major part at the Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference. It helps that it is a lot easier to get CME for burnout talks than asset allocation talks.


Big Law Investor

Started June 2016, Alexa Rank 317,495 (52,787 in US)

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

Think WCI for lawyers.


Celebrating Financial Freedom

Started ~ 2013, Alexa Rank 408,992 (113,029 in US)

Dentist writing about budgeting and getting out of debt from a Christian perspective, although not necessarily writing to doctors exclusively.


Your Financial Pharmacist

Started November 2015, Alexa Rank 2,098,387 (378,178 in US)

WCI for pharmacists.


I am 1 Percent

Started March 2015, Alexa Rank 3,591,302

Not written by a health care professional, but it is aimed at high earners.


Doctors on Debt

Started July 2017, Alexa Rank 5,027,679 (520,934 in US)

Dentist and chiropractor couple write about getting out of debt.


Financial Wellness DVM

Started April 2018, Alexa Rank 7,948,826

WCI for veterinarians. Hopefully it works out better than the last WCI for veterinarians.

Update: Blog no longer exists as of August 2021


Debt Wise Dentist

Started February 2018, Alexa Rank 9,012,391

Relatively new player, focused mostly on dentists and mostly on debt management. He is one member of a two-dentist couple. Nothing has been posted since May, so it may not be around long.


Freedom Founders

Started ?, Alexa Rank 9,841,369

Lots of marketing on this one, but there is both a blog and a podcast done by a dentist hitting financial topics. Heavy on real estate and “masterminds” and light on actionable tips unless you come to the seminars/masterminds.


That Frugal Pharmacist

Started March 2018, Alexa Rank 18,206,204

Another financial blog written by a pharmacist. Not sure which of the two is better. I suppose time will tell. There are a quarter million pharmacists in the country, so I suppose there is room for both.


Son of a Doctor

Started March 2016, No Alexa data

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

This one does have a physician author (along with her financial advisor husband) but I kept it off the big list because the doc doesn't do any of the financial writing.


Dr. J.'s Market Thoughts

Started October 2016, No Alexa data

Written by a dentist, this is like the anti-WCI financial blog. There's a free blog but he's really selling a $199 day trading newsletter.


Again, I'm sure I've forgotten someone. Leave a comment and we'll either update or get you next time.


Come and Gone

This is a section of blogs that have either disappeared completely or at least haven't been updated in the last 3 months. I decided to include this section for two reasons. First, at least for those that are still online, there is some good stuff out there worth reading. Second, I think it's a good demonstration of just how difficult it is to maintain even a hobby blog, much less be successful blogging professionally. In fact, even among those on the active list above, there are at most 5 making enough money to be worth the time being put into them. Good thing most physician financial bloggers don't seem to be in it for the big bucks. At any rate, these 23 blogs have come and gone, although there is potential for resurrection with a few of them.


Dr. Wise Money

Started March 2015, Amanda's stuff goes through May 2017

Amanda Liu, may she RIP, started this blog as an intern. I don't know who's posting now, but it's getting regular posts. They just have nothing to do with physician finances.


Productive Physician 

Ran August 2016 to at least March 2018

Site was down when I went to do this post.


FIRE in the Netherlands

I found this one on the Rockstar Finance Directory under Physician Financial Blogs. The link didn't work and I couldn't find it on search engines. I'm sure it was lovely.


Frugal African

Also listed in the Rockstar Finance directory, but with a link that doesn't seem to be accessible.


Live Free MD 

Started December 2016, went inactive in March 2018

This is one of my personal favorites with great outdoor pictures from Alaska. It's only been a few months; I haven't given up hope yet.


Med School Financial

This was one of the ones on my list a couple years ago. The site seems to have been taken down.


Derivative Doctor

Started February 2017, no posts since July 2017

This one is still up, but only lasted 5 months. The tagline “active trading with a day job” makes me at least a little glad it never became popular among docs.


Miles Dividend MD

Started September 2013, last post December 2016

I'm a little worried about this one. The last post was about battling depression.


Debt Freedom Journey

Started in 2015, but inactive in 2016

No longer up, but this was the original WCI for veterinarians.


Doctor Money Blog

Started and ended on the same day in 2013

This one only ever had one post. It's still up though!


Miss Millenial MD

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

Started September 2017, last post in January 2018

Just found this one while looking around. Not sure what it was really about as I can only get to a post or two. One was about real estate.


Physician Couple

Seemed promising, no longer up.


Choose Better Life 

Started April 2016, Stopped posting June 2017

Lots of subjects, but a few posts on personal finance.


Negotiation MD

Started July 2016, Last post in February 2019

This is a doc trying to teach other docs to negotiate better. The blog seems to have been part of the marketing efforts.


Diagnosis Life 

Site isn't currently up but may be merging with another blog soon, so maybe it'll be back. Not sure I have ever read this one. It is written by a doc but I'm not sure it is about finance.


The Boss MD 

Started July 2017, last post September 2017

It only lasted 2 months, but it sure pumped out a lot of posts in that time period.


Another Second Opinion

Started August 2017, last post October 2017

Some bloggers worry about running out of stuff to write. This one apparently did. Another two-month wonder.


Stealth Wealth MD 

Started July 2017, last post August 2017

You thought 2 months was a short life for a blog? How about 1? 4 great posts on this blog.


Doctor Money Blog

Started and ended on the same day in 2013

4 posts too long? This one only ever had one post. 5 years later it still exists though. Probably just a sign of free WordPress hosting.


Investing Doc 

Started June 2016, Alexa Rank 2,197,667 (536,471 in US)

Blogged intermittently from June 2016 to January 2018. Would be # 18 on the list if it were active.


Physician REI 

Started July 2017, Alexa Rank 5,697,791

I think there is a real estate focus here. Can't actually see the blog. Honestly, not even sure it's written by a doc.


The Military Physician

Started September 2017, Last Post February 2018, Alexa Rank 15,283,702

Still active on Twitter, but working on military approval to start blogging again.


Thrifty Surgeon

Started December 2017, Last Post March 2018.

5 Posts total on this one. It's only been four months, there's still hope.


Time for Money MD

Started December 2017, No Alexa Data

I thought this one was a one-month wonder and I was right. It was resurrected in June 2018 and stopped posting in July 2018.


A Good Life MD

Started in July 2017, Alexa Rank 4,258,395

Finance, wellness, happiness. There was lots of good stuff on this blog but it looks like it didn't make it past 2018.


This isn't even a complete list. I know there have been a few more that have come and gone, but it has been so long I don't know what they were called. Lots of them quit right after finding WCI.


Physician Financial Podcasts

There are more and more podcasts in this space all the time as well. These are listed in no particular order since there is no good way to see how many downloads a podcast (other than your own) has. These are active podcasts done by physicians that at least occasionally cover financial topics. There are other podcasts out there aimed at docs or their spouses, but these are all I know of that are actually done by docs.


The White Coat Investor

Started January 2017 kind of on a whim, we never expected this to be as big as it is. Although the website gets far more pageviews than the podcast gets downloads, our downloads are comparable to how many people read a newly published post or the monthly newsletter. Many doctors have been introduced to The White Coat Investor through the podcast and the majority of its listeners will never read this post. The podcast contains some awesome guest interviews, lots of questions from readers, and even a few rants.


Docs Outside the Box

Started April 2016, this is one impressive production by Nii Darko. Their blog might be small potatoes, but the podcast isn't. This concentrates on Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things outside of medicine.


Hippocratic Hustle

Started April 2017, this one is done by Carrie Reynolds, with frequent “Friends Talk Finance” episodes where she brings on blogger Miss Bonnie MD. Anybody can listen to it, but all the guests are women.


The Wealth Formula

Gold Level Scholarship Sponsor

Started in 2007 by Buck Joffrey, it focuses on real estate investing and entrepreneurship.


Doctors Unbound

Started in 2007, this regular podcast by David Draghinas is another nice production that frequently hits on financial topics.


Doc of All Tradez

Started in March 2017, there are only four episodes (last in February 2018) and they're less focused on finance than the blog is.


Some Thoughts on the Physician Financial Online Community

Whew! That was a lot of work to go through all that! It seems appropriate at this point to offer a few thoughts about physician financial online communities.


#1 It's Growing

Obviously, the community is large and it is growing as doctors realize they need to learn this information as early as possible in their careers. It's definitely not growing as quickly as the number of blogs/podcasts that have been started in the last two years, which might explain why so few of them get very big.


#2 “Me Too” Blogs Don't Do Very Well

Now, I'm not talking about blogs discussing sexual assault here, I'm talking about a blog that tries to be the next White Coat Investor or Physician on FIRE. If your new blog idea is to basically rewrite all of the WCI posts in your own words, you'd better be either a heck of a writer or one awesome promoter. How many popular Physician FI blogs can there really be? Yet if you niche down too far, there's nobody left to read but your mother. It's a tricky dilemma. If you want to start a successful blog in this niche you're going to need a unique perspective on something not currently being done very well and you're probably going to have to grow the pie by finding docs not currently reading financial blogs to read yours and then hoping they don't find another blog through yours that they like better. Possible niches? Docs approaching/in retirement (only one so far), a blog focusing on PAs/NP specific issues, British/Aussie/Kiwi physician financial blogs, and a blog focusing on PT/OT types all have potential.


#3 Lots of Bloggers Run Out of Steam

Nobody reads your blog and certainly nobody pays you for blogging in the first year. At least half of the blogs that have come into this space have petered out before reaching that point. Before beginning a blog, honestly ask yourself before you begin if this is something you can and will do consistently, for two years, for free.


#4 Hit the Forums

Few people realize this, but one of the reasons WCI was so successful is that I already had an online reputation BEFORE starting it. I'd been doing this for 6 years before starting the blog. I knew what questions doctors ask; I'd already answered them dozens of times. I was the 8th most prolific poster on the most popular investing forum on the planet and a handful of other financial forums. That not only gave me plenty of content ideas and readers who already liked my writing, but it also showed to me that I wasn't going to have any trouble keeping this up for years. If you are a forum regular and if you enjoy getting on the forums every day and writing long posts, you probably have what it takes to stick with blogging long enough to have some success.


#5 Non-Monetized Blogs Generally Don't Grow

Platinum Level Scholarship Sponsor

I don't know what it is about trying to make money that motivates people to keep at it and do a better job, but if you look at the top 15 blogs on the list, 12 of them are at least trying to make money. People are people and they do what they are incentivized to do. I know I would have never kept at it long enough to be successful if I wasn't making something, and I certainly wouldn't be pouring the time and effort in that I am now for free. Some people are more selfless than me, but not very many.


#6 Most Physician Financial Blogs Will Never Be Financially Successful

The barrier to entry in this business is very low ($50 and a couple of hours) but the barrier to financial success is very high, and getting higher all the time due to the dilution factor. The problem is that a physician writing a financial blog has the ability to make money at a very high rate at their day job. Average Joe American might be thrilled to have a blog that pays him $500 a month, even if he spends 30+ hours a month on it, but that's a terrible misuse of a physician's time. It's one thing if you are at $500 a month and you see it rapidly growing. It's entirely different if you've been stuck at $500/month for 5 years. Now, this is all fine if it's just a hobby for you, but if you're taking time away from your practice, family, and hobbies to do it, you might want to get paid eventually.

When I started, I went to where doctors were and tried to get them to read a financial blog. 7+ years later, how many doctors are left that don't currently read financial blogs but can be convinced to do so? Probably not very many. So your only tactic now may be to convince those that already read financial blogs to read your blog instead of or in addition to the ones they're reading now. Most of us will read two or three blogs, but none of us (except maybe PoF) will read 50+. So how many financially successful blogs will there be eventually in this space? Hard to say for sure, but it is certainly a single digit number and most of them probably already exist. So if you're a prospective physician financial blogger, make sure you're doing this because you really love doing it, and not for financial reasons.

What do you think? Are you surprised by how many physician financial blogs there currently are? Which are your favorites? Are you surprised how many have come and gone? Why do you think that is? Who have I forgotten? If you're a financial blogger, what kind of traffic and income are you seeing? Comment below!