Audiobooks are great! They let you listen to books on road trips and during your commute. Sometimes on Audible the book is even cheaper than the paperback version. However, one downside of an audiobook is that you can't see the images, graphs, tables, and diagrams that are in the print book. Another downside is that you can't click on the URL links like you can with the eBook or scan the URL QR codes like you can in the hard copy book.

In the books in The White Coat Investor series, the visual information is integral to the content. You will find in each book's audiobook resources the tables, graphs, images, and diagrams referenced within the audiobook, the end-of-chapter “Additional Resources” URLs, and the text notes for all referenced outside sources.


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The Audiobook Resources


The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing

The White Coat Investor's Financial Boot Camp: A 12-Step High-Yield Guide to Bring Your Finances Up to Speed

The White Coat Investor's Guide for Students: How Medical and Dental Students Can Secure Their Financial Future