[Editor's Note: We are currently accepting guest post submissions! We want to hear from our readers about your financial successes, failures, insight, and hard-earned advice. We also welcome informative articles from industry experts on challenging financial topics. Come and share your knowledge with the WCI community (see ideas below).]


At The White Coat Investor (WCI) the purpose of guest posts is to publish something from a new perspective or with information that is difficult for WCI to come by. Written exclusively by regular readers or industry experts, these articles offer unique insight into personal or industry experience that is useful to our targeted readers of doctors and other high-income professionals interested in financial topics.

Guest posts at WCI are highly competitive. There is no guarantee of publication, but if your guest post is selected to be published there is no charge.

Please note that non-source reference link insertions are removed prior to publication. WCI grants one do-follow link in the author’s bio at the end of the article to link readers with your blog or company.


Guest Post Article Guidelines

Before submitting a proposed guest post article, please ensure that all guidelines and considerations have been followed.

The content of a proposed guest post article should be:


#1 Authored by an Industry Expert or Follower of The White Coat Investor

Guest posts are reserved for industry experts and followers of the White Coat Investor. Proposed articles written by content writers are not a good fit for our guest posts and will not be considered.


#2 Not a Vehicle for Advertisement

Guest posts at WCI are not advertisements or sponsored posts and any companies or specific products mentioned within the article should be removed or be seen as inessential information to the article.

WCI is not interested in paid link injections or link swapping and all non-source reference link insertions within a chosen article are removed prior to publication.

If you are interested in advertising with WCI, please visit here for more information.


#3 Unique

Your content must be unique and have not been published elsewhere. As part of the submission process, you will sign a legal contract certifying this and giving WCI the copyright to the material.

If your article is published, it is OK on your website to publish an excerpt of the post with the direct link to the article on WCI, but it is not acceptable to republish a large portion of the post or the post in its entirety.

DO NOT plagiarize even a portion of your proposed guest post. It is considered “fair use” to quote small portions of articles as long as they are attributed to the author and not construed as your own work. Please include within your article source-reference link insertions for both direct quotes and references to other people’s work (both in printed and digital formats).


#4 Informative

Proposed guest post articles should be a value-added for The White Coat Investor audience and should offer a unique viewpoint or expertise that is not already found on this website.

Articles from WCI readers and followers should offer a personal perspective on financial successes, failures, insight, and hard-earned advice.

Articles from industry experts should be informative, cover challenging financial topics, and contain information that is not easily found in a Google search. Readers of this site prefer “meatier” posts from industry experts.


#5 Evergreen

Your content should be “evergreen” as much as possible.

If your article is published, there could be up to six months of time between submission and its publication. Please take this into account as you write your content. The vast majority of the information on The White Coat Investor website won't ever really become outdated.


#6 Well-Written

Proposed guest post articles should be well-written, not include grammatical or spelling errors, and should clearly communicate their main points and takeaways. We encourage the use of an introductory section and closing statement, as well as headers within the body of the article.


#7 Not Offensive

Your content should avoid offensive phrasing. Please do not include racist, sexist, profane, or crude terms that are likely to offend part of our audience.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy

Writers will not use artificial intelligence (AI) or any similar tools in place of their own writing to complete their work. WCI views AI-generated content as plagiarism, and it often yields biased content that is incorrect or incomplete. WCI readers expect human input, and AI cannot and should not replace that. We agree with what Wired wrote: “We think someone who writes for a living needs to constantly be thinking about the best way to express complex ideas in their own words.” Any content that is found to have been AI-generated will not be published.

Using AI for other purposes, however, is acceptable. That includes utilizing AI for research (though finding multiple sources to verify your findings is a must) and/or for generating story ideas or keywords.

Since AI is nebulous and constantly changing, we will continue to review this policy to determine what makes sense for WCI writers and readers.


Guest Post Article Considerations

When writing a proposed guest post, please take the following into account:


Target Audience

The target audience of The White Coat Investor is physicians, dentists, high-earning professionals, and their trainees. Proposed guest post articles should be specific to this audience and offer a unique perspective or expertise that is not already found on this website.


Topics Are Not Pre-Approved

The White Coat Investor does not pre-approve topics. Proposed articles submitted to WCI should be the final version of your article.


Length and Format

We recommend that you submit your proposed article in a similar length and format to other posts on the White Coat Investor site.

Length: WCI cares more about valuable insightful content than the length, but most articles on our website are 1,400-2,500 words. Please note that articles less than 600 words are considered too short and more than 5,000 words are too long.

Headings: WCI appreciates headings within your article, but be aware that your headings are subject to change during the preparation for publication.

Formatting: Please do not overly format your article. All bold, underlining, italics, and other formatting are subject to removal during the editorial process.


Deadlines and Timeline

In order to be considered for publication for a particular quarter, your submission must be received prior to the quarter deadline.


December 1 – Deadline for Q1 publication (January, February, March)
March 1 – Deadline for Q2 publication (April, May, June)
June 1 – Deadline for Q3 publication (July, August, September)
September 1 – Deadline for Q4 publication (October, November, December)


After submission, a member of our team will respond within 21 days with additional questions and/or our decision regarding publication.

Depending on when you submit your proposed article, there may be a gap of one to six months between the submission of your article and its publication.


Content Ideas for Guest Post Articles

Consider writing an article on one of the following subjects which have been requested by readers:


Ideas for Industry Experts

  • Evaluation, comparison, and need of various identity theft services
  • Estate planning or asset protection issues for singles or unmarried couples
  • Business use of automobiles for generating deductions in a practice or other business
  • The rise of quants and their effect on making passive investing an even better option
  • Medical school scholarships
  • Health insurance (Costs in retirement, evaluation of your policy vs. spouse's policy, costs of long-term care)
  • Property and casualty insurance coverages and costs
  • Practice management
  • Investing through corporations
  • Cash balance plans
  • Pensions
  • Compensation method considerations when evaluating contracts including Stock Options and RSUs
  • Understanding the “Psychology of Money” and its implications on building wealth
  • Money management nearing retirement
  • Money management in retirement


Ideas for Followers of WCI

  • Book reviews of books relevant to this blog's audience (not your own book please)
  • Your personal finance story or your personal investing or debt management strategy
  • Unique financial aspects for dentists, attorneys, accountants, pharmacists, mid-levels, small business owners, veterinarians, podiatrists, optometrists, and two-physician couples.
  • How to get decent investment returns while still complying with Sharia Law
  • How to make sure you (as a female doctor) are paid what you’re worth, no matter your gender
  • The financial aspects of being a single-physician parent
  • How to open your own single-physician/dentist/attorney practice
  • Taking care of elderly parents living nearby or in your home
  • Going from an ownership practice to an employee practice or vice versa
  • Finding a first job out of residency, lessons learned, negotiating, etc.
  • Discussion of costs, benefits, and considerations for fellowship training vs. generalist practice in traditionally generalist specialties (contradiction in terms?), such as pathology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, or even emergency medicine
  • Using AFLAC maternity coverage
  • Doing expert witness work for extra income, both plaintiff and defense
  • How to use public assistance (housing assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment) while in school or training
  • Personal experiences with practice buy-ins
  • How to earn/research medical school scholarships i.e., HPSP, etc.
  • The process of making a disability insurance claim
  • Practice ownership finances and investing in your practice
  • Additional career paths with an MD
  • Money management with a significant other
  • Finances of starting a family and maternity leave
  • Starting a business/side hustle
  • Actively managed real estate personal experiences and tips


Submit your proposed guest post articles here!