If you think your company or website would be a good fit with this blog, consider purchasing an ad on the site!


Who Can You Reach with Your Ad?

The audience for this site consists of physicians, dentists, their trainees, and other highly paid professionals in search of financial and investing information.  Placement of an ad here allows you to focus on this “high-yield” audience.


  • Website Traffic: 8.6M per year
  • Organic Traffic (Search engines like Google): 4M per year
  • Podcast: 3.8M episode downloads per year

Communities and Social Following

  • Email List: 75,000+
  • Private Facebook Group: 93,000+
  • Subreddit: 53,000+
  • Instagram: 29,000+
  • Twitter: 34,000+
  • Facebook Page 24,000+

(updated November 2023)

Do We Allow Anyone to Advertise?

We limit advertisers to companies that we can strongly recommend to our colleagues.  Although we do not necessarily control the ads that come to the site through ad programs such as Google Adsense, we can control private ad placements and feel an ethical responsibility to WCI readers to not advertise companies that are likely deleterious to their financial health. We have an application to assist with this vetting process.

Advertising Partner Application


Cost of Advertising

The going rate for ads varies by amount of traffic, location of ad, and size of ad. Once approved as a partner, we can share the current rates and availability.


Types of Advertising


Sidebar Ads

Widget ads are seen in the right hand sidebar spaces on the blog. The chief benefit of these ads is that they are seen on over 2500 pages of the internet for one flat price, either a 410×200 or a 200×200. Ads need to be in jpg or png format


In-Content Ads

Ads are also placed within each daily post published on the site for the month. One of the main benefits of these ads is that they are seen by regular readers (29K+ and counting) as they go out via email as well as on the site. In-content ads are limited to two spots per month (one above and one below the fold).


Mobile Ads

We have three ad spots specific to the mobile version of our site.


Forum Ads

We have ads specific to our forum which averages 23K+ users a month.


Email Newsletter Sponsorships

WCI also publishes a monthly email newsletter, currently going out to 65K double-opt-in subscribers.  You may sponsor an edition of the newsletter.  The newsletter will have a “Sponsored By” paragraph with a brief description of your business/services, banner ad, and a direct link to your site.  This is limited to one ad per month. We try to have a different sponsor each month.

We also have a boot camp email series that includes 12 email newsletters sent to all new email subscribers. Each newsletter has a sponsor similar to the monthly email newsletter.


Recommendation Pages

Part of the mission of the White Coat Investor is to connect our community with the good guys in the financial services industry. To assist with this we have several recommendation pages.

Loan Officers Specializing in Physician Mortgage Loans
Financial Advisers
Insurance Agents (currently not taking new advertisers)
Practice Retirement Plan Providers, HSA Providers, and Providers of Self Directed Individual 401Ks
Real Estate Investing Companies (currently not taking new advertisers)
Student Loan Advice
Legal and Contract Review Services
Tax Strategist

The cost of these varies.



We publish a podcast each Monday and Thursday that currently averages 43K+ downloads per episode. Each podcast has a sponsorship.


Facebook Group Sponsorship

We have an active community of 92K+ members in our Facebook Group. Financial professionals are only allowed to participate in the group as a sponsor.


Conference Sponsorships

We put on a conference each year for the WCI community, offering CME and CE credits to physicians and dentists.  Once approved as a partner, contact [email protected] for the current conference sponsorship packages.


Paying for Ads

The length of advertising varies for each type, ranging from one month to 12 months.  We prefer a flat price rather than a pay-per-click arrangement as it makes both your expenses and our revenues predictable in advance.  We accept payment by check, ACH deposit, or credit card.


Next Step

Fill out the Advertising Partner Application.

Contact the Director of Sales at [email protected] with any questions.