Too many physicians end up with poor contracts and when the job doesn’t work out, they end up saddled with heavy costs, burdensome non-compete agreements, and unfair treatment. Spending a few hundred bucks up front to get the contract reviewed is well worth it. Firms listed here are paid advertisers on the site, but have all been vetted by me and your fellow readers.

Contract Negotiation and Review


MDCOMPADVISOR gives Physicians access to the same market data (MGMA) and expertise hospitals/systems use to make physician compensation decisions.  Jon Morris, JD, MBA worked for 3 top-tier consulting firms designing and implementing compensation plans, issuing fair market value opinions, and advising hospital/system leadership at 175 organizations. Jon works for Physicians now, helping them to know their value and get fair pay. MDCOMPADVISOR has flat fee packages for different needs and budgets, discounts for Students/Residents/Fellows, and Custom solutions built for groups or physician-owned organizations with greater needs. If your issue is Physician Compensation related, MDCOMPADVISOR can help. Book a free consultation.

Contract Diagnostics

Contract Diagnostics, is a firm whose entire business is reviewing physician employment contracts. Unlike other firms, they 100% are focused on contracts.  Well over ONE THOUSAND WCI/PoF readers have used the services of Contract Diagnostics in the last few years and complaints are incredibly rare, but positive feedback is very common. I interviewed Jon Appino here and he was on the WCI Podcast here.  They will review an employment or partnership contract and even negotiate it if you want. Prices vary but start at $200 and Residents/Fellows can pay over time, interest-free. Contract Diagnostics is a paid advertiser on the site. Thank you for supporting those who support this site.

Physician Agreements Health Law

Physician Agreements Health Law is a law firm focusing on physician employment agreement review and negotiation. Get your agreement reviewed by the attorney who wrote the book on physician employment agreements, Dennis Hursh. (I reviewed the first edition of Hursh’s book here). Hursh provides a thorough review of all the contract language and a complete review of the financial aspects of the offer using Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) data for a fixed fee. Hursh, based in Pennsylvania, reviews contracts from all 50 states. Hursh is an advertiser on this site. Thank you for supporting those who support this site.


Resolve is the #1 rated physician contract team, reviewing 1000+ physician contracts every year. They empower physicians with location specific compensation data which leads to unparalleled leverage during the physician contract negotiation process. A physician contract lawyer is included and can negotiate on your behalf – alleviating the stress that can go along with reviewing complex legal terms.  Flat-rate pricing and flexible schedules are designed for a physician’s schedules.  Check out their pricing and packages.



Lyon, Glassman, Leites & Modi, L.L.C. – Financial professionals must adhere to laws, rules and regulations promulgated by government agencies and self regulatory organizations (i.e. Securities and Exchange Commission, State Regulators and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) designed to protect investors. Violations of these laws, rules, and regulations by a financial professional may make them liable for the financial harm suffered by the investor.  If you feel that you have been the victim of fraud or negligence on the part of your financial professional, please contact LGLM immediately so that they may assist you if your rights have been violated.


Estate Planning/Asset Protection

Protecting your family and your assets is a concern for anyone who has – or who anticipates having – wealth. MorganTheeler, LLP can help by creating an asset protection plan tailored to your needs – all at a cost effective flat rate. The wealthy are already taking advantage of these strategies – get started on your plan by requesting a phone call here.