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You can now speak your questions directly on to the WCI podcast. Listeners won’t have to listen to me read your question. They can hear it directly from you. Go to and press record. You have 90 seconds to ask your question. So if you have a question right now, go here and record it! You can still email me questions but we thought it would be fun to get more voices on the podcast.

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Podcast Episodes

January 2017

#1 Student Loan Refinancing (Sponsored by SoFi)
#2 Whole Life Insurance (Sponsored by Larry Keller at Physician Financial Services)
#3 How To Choose A Financial Advisor (Sponsored by Andrew McFadden at Panoramic Financial Services)
#4 Health Savings Accounts (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#5 Student Loans Versus Investing (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at

February 2017

#6 Disability Insurance (Sponsored by Larry Keller at Physician Financial Services)
#7 Backdoor Roth IRAs (Sponsored by Sponsored by SoFi)
#8 Passive Income (Sponsored by Lending Home)

March 2017

# 9 Paying for Children’s College Education (Sponsored by the WCI Recommended Financial Advisors List)
#10 An interview with Mrs. WCI  (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#11 Making Roth or Traditional 401K Contributions  (Sponsored by Physician on Fire)

April 2017

#12 Investing in Taxable Accounts (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#13 Variable versus Fixed Rate Loans (Sponsored by Credible)

May 2017

#14 WCI Interviews the Physician on Fire (Sponsored by Contract Diagnostics)
#15 No 401K as a New Attending (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#16 Understanding the Age 59 1/2 Rule (Sponsored by Jamie Fleischner at Set For Life)

June 2017

#17 Tax Deductions and Credits (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#18 Emergency Funds (Sponsored by EquityMultiple)
#19 Social Security (Sponsored by Jamie Fleischner Set for Life Insurance)

July 2017

#20 Comparing Independent Contractor Jobs with Employee Jobs (Sponsored by Laurel Road – student loan refinancing)

August 2017

#21 Tax Diversification (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#22 Nuts and Bolts of Financial Planning (Sponsored by Lending Home)
#23 An Interview with Miss Bonnie MD (Sponsored by Contract Diagnostics)

September 2017

#24 Potpourri of Listeners’ Questions (Sponsored by Earnest)
#25 Military and 1099 Physicians (Sponsored by the WCI Student Loan Refinancing Page)

October 2017

#26 When to Buy A House (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#27 How to Get Rich Quickly (Sponsored by Larry Keller at Physician Financial Services)

November 2017

#28 What Matters Most in Personal Finance (Sponsored by SoFi)
#29 Tax Reform Bill in Congress (Sponsored by SoFi)
#30 How to Invest at All Time Highs (Sponsored by ProAssurance)

December 2017

#31 Alternative Investments (Sponsored by Fundrise)
#32 Passive Income MD (Sponsored by Adam Grossman of Mayport Wealth Management)
#33 Questions from Medical Students (Sponsored by ProAssurance)
#34 Good Investing is Boring Investing (Sponsored by Education Loan Finance (ELFI))

January 2018

#35 Interview with Jordan Goodman from Money Answers (Sponsored by ProAssurance)
#36 Interview with Nathaniel Minnick, DO (Sponsored by Laurel Road)
#37 WCI Online Course: Fire Your Financial Advisor (Sponsored by SoFi)
#38 Bitcoin, Prenups, and Investing vs. Paying off Debt (Sponsored by PracticeLink)

February 2018

#39 Five Questions on SERPs, New Tax Law, Inherited IRAs, and Gifts (Sponsored by ProAssurance)
#40 Physician on Fire Update (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#41 Getting a Second Opinion (Sponsored by FirstMetric)
#42 Buying One Property a Year (Sponsored by Splash Financial)

March 2018

#43 Merger Arbitrage with Peter Steinberg, MD (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#44 Complicated Aspects of 401(k)s (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#45 An Interview with Curbside Real Estate (Sponsored by Curbside Real Estate)
#46 Physician Burnout with The Happy Philosopher (Sponsored by Larry Keller at Physician Financial Services)
#47 Staying the Course, Stock Purchase Plans, and TSP Loans (Sponsored by Jamie Fleischner at Set for Life Insurance)

April 2018

#48 Choose Financial Independence (Sponsored by 37th Parallel Properties)
#49 Tales From My Email Box (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#50 An Interview with Paul Merriman (Sponsored by Chris Wimberly at The Disability Doc)
#51 Another Visit to Whole Life Insurance Land (Sponsored by Splash Financial)

May 2018

#52 An Interview with Lara McElderry from Married to Doctors (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#53 Tax Cut and Jobs Act Pass Through Deduction (Sponsored by D.K. Unger at  DI4MDS – Disability Insurance Specialists)
#54 Asset Protection (Sponsored by Jamie Fleischner at Set for Life Insurance)
#55 Basics of Investing (Sponsored by Splash Financial)
#56 An Interview with Mike Piper from the Oblivious Investor (Sponsored by CommonBond)

June 2018

#57 Questions from Doctors Doing Well and Doctors in Trouble (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#58 An Interview with Sarah Catherine Gutierrez from Aptus Financial (Sponsored by Jamie Fleischner at Set for Life Insurance)
#59 Is Dr. Mike Meru Crazy? (Sponsored by CommonBond)
#60 An Interview with Ryan Gray from Medical School Headquarters (Sponsored by Splash Financial)

July 2018

#61 All About Residents (Sponsored by (Sponsored by PracticeLink)
#62 An Interview with Vagabond MD (Sponsored by Zoe Financial)
#63 Hate Mail and a Disclosure (Sponsored by 37th Parallel Properties)
#64 Dealing with Inflation (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)

August 2018

#65 An Interview with Coach Carson about Investing in Real Estate (Sponsored by Splash Financial)
#66 Long Term Care Insurance (Sponsored by Jamie Fleischner at Set for Life Insurance)
#67 An Interview with Passive Income MD and Physician on Fire (Sponsored by Nomad Health)
#68 Moonlighting and Side Gigs (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#69 An Interview with Carrie Reynolds from Hippocratic Hustle (Sponsored by Zoe Financial)

September 2018

#70 Stuff I Don’t Invest In (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#71 An Interview with Dr. Nii Darko from Docs Outside the Box (Sponsored by Laurel Road)
#72 Why Invest in Bonds? (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#73 Raising Exceptionally Talented Children (Sponsored by Splash Financial)

October 2018

#74 The Truth Behind Public Service Loan Forgiveness Rejections (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#75 Increasing Your Primary Care Income: An Interview with Doc G of DiverseFI (Sponsored by Adam Grossman of  Mayport Wealth Management)
#76 Good Debt and Bad Debt (Sponsored by Splash Financial)
#77 Investing in Online Businesses (Sponsored by Zoe Financial)

November 2018

#78 Cash Balance Plans (Sponsored by Mayport Wealth Management)
#79 Sorting Out an Academic Doc’s Finances (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at
#80 Answering Listener Questions (Sponsored by Splash Financial)
#81 Medicine and Finance in the UK with Dr. Nikki Ramskill (Sponsored by CommonBond)
#82 Nearing Retirement (Sponsored by Gallati Professional Services)

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