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Welcome to The White Coat Investor website! We have a lot of fun here while we help each other to avoid doing dumb things with our money. All the information on the site is 100% free to you. There is a ton of information here, and I understand it can be overwhelming to the first timer, so I suggest you start here with this page. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your finances and your practice!

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piggy bank classic

2022 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

The contribution limits for 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, TSPs, IRAs, FSAs, and HSAs will change for 2022. Here's what you need to know.

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used cars

Driving an Old Car to Save Money. Drive a Beater….Get Rich.

Many Americans aren't rich because of what car they drive. Don't be like them. You aren't what you drive!

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physician millionaire

Are Doctors Millionaires? The Truth About The Average Doctor Net Worth.

Too many docs never build significant wealth despite their high incomes. Make plans now to ensure you aren't in that category when you retire.

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Best Investment Portfolios – 150 Portfolios Better Than Yours

A good investment portfolio is broadly diversified, low-cost, passively managed, rebalanced, and consistent with its owner's risk tolerance.

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How to Do a Backdoor Roth IRA [Ultimate Guide & Tutorial]

This Backdoor Roth IRA tutorial takes you step-by-step through the contribution process including Form 8606, tax implications, common mistakes, and lots more.

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backdoor roth ira

17 Ways to Screw Up a Backdoor Roth IRA

I thought the Backdoor Roth IRA was so simple nobody would screw it up. Boy was I wrong. Here's how to get it right and make contributions a simple task.

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financial archetypes

Financial Archetypes

Are you a Saver, an Empire Builder, or an Innocent? Here's how to figure out which financial archetype you are—and what it means.

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should you do your backdoor roth ira right now

Should You Still Do Your Backdoor Roth Conversion for 2022? The Experts Weigh In

We don't know if Backdoor Roth IRA conversions will still be allowed later this year. So, should you go ahead and get it done now?

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disability insurance dual income

State of the Blog 2022

This is how WCI has spent the last year and what we have planned for 2022. As always, we want to give thanks to our WCI community for your support.

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rental market dave ramsey

Raising Rent: Is Dave Ramsey Wrong?

Dave Ramsey is getting flack for his viewpoint on raising rent on tenants. Here's an explanation for why he might be right or wrong.

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The Backdoor Roth Lives On – Podcast #245

Answering reader questions on the Backdoor Roth IRA, refinancing student loans if not going for PSLF, and employee-sponsored 401(k) plans.

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Can I Be My Own Financial Advisor? 8 Reasons You Can and Should Be

Financial advisors cost a lot of money. Learning to be your own advisor may save you time, money, and hassle. Here are eight reasons why.

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