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Welcome to The White Coat Investor! We have a lot of fun here while we help each other to avoid doing dumb things with our money. All the information on the site is 100% free to you. There is a ton of information and we understand it can be overwhelming to the first timer, so we suggest you start here with this page. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your finances and your practice!

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How Much Money Do Doctors Make a Year? The Average Salary Is Dropping

According to a new survey, the average doctor's salary decreased in 2022. Here are the figures for how much physicians make in a year.

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150 best investment portfolios

Best Investment Portfolios – 150 Portfolios Better Than Yours

A good investment portfolio is broadly diversified, low-cost, passively managed, rebalanced, and consistent with its owner's risk tolerance.

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How to Do a Backdoor Roth IRA

This Backdoor Roth IRA tutorial takes you step-by-step through the contribution process including Form 8606, tax implications, common mistakes, and lots more.

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ultimate student loan debt guide

Student Loans 101: Ultimate Guide to Student Loans

Here's the information a physician needs to manage student loan debt.

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piggy bank classic

The 2023 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

The contribution limits for 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457(b)s, TSPs, IRAs, FSAs, and HSAs will change for 2023. Here's what you need to know.

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Financial Waterfalls for New Residents and Attendings

Learn what financial tasks to take on first by applying these "waterfalls" for both residents and attendings. It'll help you know what to do with your money, time, and life energy.

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silicon valley bank meltdown

Lessons Learned from the Silicon Valley Bank Meltdown

A few months ago, Silicon Valley Bank clients engaged in a classic bank run that forced the government to step in. Here's what we can learn.

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five money activities

Getting Better at the 5 Money Activities

You should strive to be excellent in all five money activities. Let's figure out what you are the best at and where you could use some work.

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1099 Income and Locums Docs

Answering reader questions about 1099 income, solo 401(k)s vs. SEP-IRAs, and a variety of queries about locums. Also, we discuss whether I Bonds are still a good plan in 2023.

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real estate tax advantages

10 Tax Advantages of Real Estate – How Many Can You Name?

Let's actually list out the tax advantages of real estate investing and show how to fully maximize your success in this asset class.

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power of focus

The Power of Focus in Your Financial Life

Here's a simple 15-step plan to harness the power of focus in your financial journey. It will take you from being underwater to becoming rich.

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wci scholarship

The WCI Medical School Scholarship 2023

The 2023 WCI Medical School Scholarship is underway. Here's a chance for medical and other professional students to win cash prizes.

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