Turn Your Financial Life from a Source of Stress to a Source of Strength

The Financially Empowered Women (The FEW) is a White Coat Investor community created to support women on their path to financial success. You’re invited to openly discuss the unique challenges of high-income households that are considered taboo everywhere else.

With the support of powerhouse female financial experts at exclusive virtual events and other driven women like you in the private Facebook group, The FEW community will help you create a unique financial plan aligned with your values and put you on the fast track to reaching your goals.


You will learn to:

  • Develop an easy-to-understand diversified investment portfolio 
  • Take advantage of tax reduction strategies 
  • Spend intentionally to enjoy more of the things you love 
  • Stay on track with your long-term financial goals
  • Decrease your financial stress and mental load

Simplify your path to the financial success you desire.

It's free to join. No strings attached. No catch. Just give back when you can by guiding others.

The financial industry wants you to believe this is too complex and complicated to figure out. They are wrong.

You are capable of mastering your finances AND creating the future you envision!

While you may not have had classes about investing, taxes, or insurance in school, you have excelled at far more complicated subjects.

Thankfully, finances are much easier than organic chemistry.

Paralysis by analysis isn’t necessary here. 

You know you need to do something, but maybe you’re not sure where to start or how to automate the process so you can move on with life.

Nobody wants to make the wrong decisions, especially if it means losing money.

Do you wish you could get insight on crucial financial decisions like:

Pay off debt or invest?
How much should I save for retirement?
Is this house too expensive?
Are the tax reduction strategies real?

As a woman, you wear many hats and may be a professional, partner, caregiver, mother . . . regardless of what you juggle, you likely have a never-ending to-do list.

It is far too easy to push learning about finances to the bottom of that list.

You can change that now.

You can stop avoiding your finances, know exactly what to do next with your money, and start moving closer to the life you envision.

When you understand your financial situation, you can breathe a little easier and feel confident about what your future looks like.

You’ve earned that.


Introducing The FEW

Most women don't talk about money . . . but we do

The Financially Empowered Women community (The FEW) is here to help women like you learn from each other, grow together, and create the life you desire.

When you become a part of The FEW, you'll have access to free webinars led by female industry experts, have the opportunity to ask any and all of your questions during virtual meet-ups, and will be a member of a supportive private Facebook Group.

With The FEW you will learn to build an easy-to-understand diversified investment portfolio, take advantage of tax reduction strategies, spend intentionally to enjoy more of the things you love, and stay on track with your long-term financial goals.


The FEW Dives Deep Beyond the Numbers . . .

Our financial lives are deeply interconnected with our emotional and mental health, and that's why The FEW Community is not shy to discuss topics like:

  • Navigating money conversations with partners, family, and friends
  • Feelings of guilt or shame about wealth, high income, and the impact of work demands on family
  • Finding balance between enjoying life today without compromising the promise of happiness 25+ years from now
  • The costs and burdens of family planning, pregnancy, and infertility 
  • Compensation and salary navigation and negotiation to ensure you are making what you are worth  
  • Societal expectations and traditional gender roles, especially with high-income households
  • Finding trustworthy financial advice so you aren’t a target because of your gender and income

You're Invited to Upcoming Live Events:

January 17, 2024
Stop the overwhelm of trying to be all the things to all people and create your own unique blend of work and life. Presentation by Dr. Dawn Baker - 6 PM MT
February 07, 2024
Unite in Orlando at the Physician Wellness & Financial Literacy Conference - 6 PM ET
April 25, 2024
Taxes are complicated. Learn how to simplify the process and maximize tax savings. Presentation by Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP - 6 PM MT

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What to Expect When You Join The FEW

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  3. Live events, including free webinars and virtual meet-ups, will be hosted on Zoom, and recordings will be sent out afterward.   
  4. You will learn from female financial experts and fellow members in a safe and supportive space as you build connections with women at all stages of their financial journey.
  5. You will develop a deeper understanding of personal finance that will improve your life and help you support others on their financial journeys.
  6. You will receive email reminders about upcoming live events, along with valuable resources and recordings of past webinars.

Say goodbye to financial overwhelm and hello to financial empowerment by joining The FEW today.