James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP

Comments, questions, suggestions, and even criticisms about the blog are encouraged!  Our primary goal with the website is to help YOU, the reader, get a “fair shake” on Wall Street.

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We do virtual and online presentations.  I am willing to come to your location to give live presentations on any topic discussed on this blog.  My rate varies depending on how long I have to spend away from home to give the presentation, so contact [email protected] for availability and pricing.  In general, a speaking fee, travel costs plus a significant stipend is required.  Some presentations have qualified for CME in the past. 60-90 days notice is preferred.

To contact me, email [email protected]. Note that I am VERY responsive to emails (unless in the wilderness in which case there is no way to contact me.) Do not start Googling my name and then calling any numbers you find. Those numbers either go to a hospital or to a physician group's business office. The staff at either of those locations are not paid to do WCI-related work and it is a major hassle to receive calls, letters, and packages at those locations.

You may also hire me to write for your journal, magazine, or website.  Samples of my work can be found all over this site, as well as in other written and electronic publications – just google James Dahle to see samples of my work.