I am often asked for recommendations for tax preparation (actually doing the forms) and for tax strategizing (planning in advance to lower future tax bills.) It is extremely difficult to vet tax preparers appropriately, and even good ones can make mistakes. The tax situation for many doctors, particularly employees, can be very straightforward and a CPA isn't even needed to do it well. Turbo tax would work just fine. There are also plenty of  CPAs who are mostly reactive, rather than proactive in lowering your tax bill. The firms listed on this page, however, specialize in planning and making changes in your business structure and financial life in order to lower future tax bills. Fees are generally per project/return or at an hourly rate.

Physician Tax Advisors

Doing your taxes can be taxing as a physician. Why not seek the help of professionals who know everything there is about what you need? John McCarthy, CPA/Co-founder of Physician Tax Advisors, a physician family owned firm, and his team have decades of experience working with physicians and their taxes. Much like their counterpart, Physician Wealth Services, they work virtually with 100s of physicians across the US, ensuring their clients receive high-value financial support to build wealth and dominate their financial lives. Want their help? Reach out to John and the team at www.physiciantaxadvisors.com! Simple flat fee pricing structure, the way it should be.

NovaPoint CFO Services, LLC

NovaPoint CFO Services, LLC with Physicians, Medical Practices and High Net Worth clients throughout the United States. We help our Physician clients in four ways:  1) Incorporation and Business set up; 2) Accounting/Payroll Systems; 3) Business and Personal Tax returns; and 4) Strategic Tax Planning  through retirement planning, Wealth Management and other advanced strategies aimed at significantly reducing taxes. Our fees are a fixed rate for Incorporation, Business set up and Strategic Tax Plans. For Accounting and Payroll, we bill a flat monthly fee, and for Wealth Management, we charge based on the assets under management. Our clients include both Independent Contractors and W-2 Physicians along with select Medical Practices.  We currently have clients in more than 20 states.  Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Fox & Co. CPAs

Fox & Co. CPAs is a full-service CPA firm serving over 350 doctors and practice owners throughout the USA. All relationships are virtual and focus on year-round tax planning for a flat fee that includes IRS audit representation and correspondence for any year you have been a client.  We believe your tax filing should be simply the end product of a year of engaged strategizing rather than the focal point of the relationship. Laura Clifford, CPA (see her series on the Section 199A deduction) and Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP® (author of How to Find a Great CPA on WCI), are in charge of client relationships. Set up an appointment with Laura or Johanna for a review of your taxes and to discuss your goals. Our goal is your goal – to find the best fit for your needs. If that’s not our firm, we’ll help you find one that is.

Ashraf Advisory

Ashraf Advisory is a CPA firm based out of Dallas, TX accepting clients across all states. We work with you to strategically plan for taxes and take tax deductions designed for physicians in an increasingly changing regulatory environment. Our clients are wide in size from one provider physician independent contractors to fully built multi-owner practices and everything in between. Tax preparation, tax planning, payroll and bookkeeping all done in one place with multiple planning sessions. Contact us to learn more.

Thrive Wise Tax Advisors

Thrive Wise Tax Advisors is a new type of strategic tax planning firm. Dedicated to providing affordable, expert tax planning strategies to those that strive for financial and lifestyle independence. Most CPAs and tax accountants are reactive. They focus on what has already happened. At Thrive Wise Tax we take a unique holistic and proactive approach to tax planning. We work with you to successfully design tax and financial strategies that have a profound effect on the amount of tax you pay as you move towards financial independence. What you expect from your tax accountant is all about to change.

Cerebral Tax Advisors

At Cerebral Tax Advisors, we are focused on minimizing your tax obligations and helping you build financial independence. As the spouse of a physician, our founder and lead tax strategist, Alexis Gallati, purposely keeps our client list small to provide an excellent client experience through proactive year-round monitoring while avoiding surprises. Physicians and healthcare professionals all over the country work with Alexis to lower their personal and business taxes by an average of 48% a year through court-tested and IRS approved tax strategies. The investment in our services is flat-rate pricing and quoted upfront. Due to our high standards and careful selection process, we cannot work with everyone. To honor our 100% return on investment guarantee and provide an amazing return on investment to our clients, we have set qualifying requirements of a minimum $400,000 in gross revenue and $50,000 as an independent contractor. If you think you might meet our qualifications contact us for a free tax analysis and find out about possible strategies you can use before even paying a dime.

NGG Tax Group

NGG Tax Group have clients across various US States and Foreign Countries. Our focus is on advisory and consulting services for the US and international taxes, While we help US and foreign nationals alike, we take pride in assisting foreign nationals unravel the intricate US tax system. From dealing with international tax matters that affect individuals, such as owning foreign assets and foreign accounts to exploring income tax treaties to determine residency for tax purposes. With over 15 years of experience, our firm operates on the cutting edge; we are virtual and can communicate and exchange information regardless of where you are located. We know you are busy so our service literally comes to you. Contact us today.

Physician Tax Solutions

More and more physicians and high-income professionals are turning to Physician Tax Solutions. Founded in 2016 by David Auer, Physician Tax Solutions uses an innovative concierge model that provides full-service tax preparation and proactive strategies that keep more dollars in the pockets of our clients. Our founder, David Auer, recently wrote The Richest Doctor: A Modern Parable of Financial Independence that was Amazon’s #1 new release in Personal Taxation and Taxation categories. Work with the professionals that are literally writing the book on how tax service should be. Visit us at www.physiciantaxsolutions.com or get the first two chapters of The Richest Doctor free online at www.therichestdoctor.com.

DIY Resources


Making Your Money Matter – January 2022 Sale 20% off!

Spreadsheets are a great way to manage your entire financial life. This workbook (available for both Excel and Google Sheets) from Making Your Money Matter isn’t your ordinary budget spreadsheet. In fact, the main focus isn’t on budgeting at all. Created by a CPA, it guides you through creating your entire financial plan including:

  • Income tax planning
  • Creating a debt payoff plan
  • Tracking your investments including portfolio allocation and performance
  • Determining your retirement “enough” number, and more!

This is a great tool to use with the Fire Your Financial Advisor course!

Check out this in depth description of the workbooks included in this bundle.

Additional Resource: Best Tax Software Reviewed

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