Ditch the spreadsheets and go beyond savings and investments with the NewRetirement Financial planning software. Empower yourself as a DIY investor to take control of all the variables that impact your wealth, retirement timing, and long-term financial security.

“NewRetirement is so much more than just a retirement calculator. It's a robust financial planning software. The quality of the financial plan it generated was actually far higher than I have seen come from many professional financial advisory firms. When combined with a financial literacy course, such as our Fire Your Financial Advisor course, this could be a powerful tool for someone looking to bridge the gap between hardcore DIY financial planning and paying thousands to a financial advisor.”

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Using the NewRetirement planning software, you will organize all of your finances in one place, and have the insights, support, and resources to navigate little decisions, big life changes, and the unexpected things that pop up along the way.

The White Coat Investor has partnered with NewRetirement to bring you the ultimate financial planning software designed with high-income do-it-yourself investors like you in mind. This robust, easy-to-use tool is much more than a retirement calculator and enables you to do better with your money, time, taxes, housing, insurance, and much more.


Key Benefits of the NewRetirement Financial Planning Tool

  • Comprehensive Financial Assessment:
    Evaluates current savings, investments, and projected earnings to provide a full-picture analysis.
  • Develop a Reliable Financial Plan:
    Establish a clear path to the life you want with comprehensive planning tools that no other free retirement calculator or financial planning software offers. Upgrade to PlannerPlus for just $120/year at any time.
  • Customizable Scenarios:
    Run “what if” scenarios and experiment with different retirement ages, income streams, and lifestyle choices to see their impact on your retirement.
  • Actionable Insights:
    Find out if you are on track towards financial independence and receive personalized recommendations to improve your financial health and retirement readiness that you would pay an advisor $1000s for.

How NewRetirement Helps Build
Your Personalized Financial Plan

  • Discover Your Retirement Age: Find out when you can comfortably retire based on your current trajectory and explore adjustments for an earlier or later retirement.
  • Optimize Your Savings: Learn the best strategies for your retirement accounts, from 401(k)s to IRAs, and how to maximize their growth.
  • Plan for the Unexpected: Prepare for healthcare costs, inflation, and other uncertainties with a robust forecasting model.
  • Estate Planning and Legacy: Incorporate estate planning into your retirement strategy to ensure your legacy is preserved.

NewRetirement Finacial Planning Software FAQS

While the NewRetirement software is very easy to use, it's not a simple retirement calculator. Although its financial planning software will absolutely help you plan for when you can retire, it goes far beyond your savings and investing. Because there is a lot that goes into these calculations, the more data you include, the more accurate the projections and figures.

Like almost anything else with financial planning, you'll get out of this tool just as much as you put into it. If you want a five-minute confirmation that you're doing fine, the NewRetirement Calculator will give you just that. If you want to spend hours and use it to educate you and your partner about many of the ins and outs of financial planning, it will also do that. Modeling scenarios and changing assumptions are its strengths. It is also very useful for tweaking your plan slightly or just updating it every year.

You have the flexibility to input more than 250 pieces of data, allowing you to include various essential details such as:

  • Retirement age for you and your partner
  • Social Security age for you and your partner (and there's a cool tool to help you optimize this)
  • Housing expenses
  • Healthcare expenses
  • All other expenses
  • Current income
  • Current assets
  • Asset locations (i.e., types of accounts)
  • Debts
  • Legacy goals

More powerfully, it allows you to change all kinds of assumptions—but makes it easy by putting in something so you can get started. So, you start with something reasonable, and then you can change it to see how much your retirement success and income depend on that particular variable.

Some of these changeable assumptions include:

  • Inflation rate
  • Social Security COLA
  • Housing appreciation rate
  • Medical inflation rate
  • Expenses
  • Withdrawal strategy (three options)
  • Tax rates

Perhaps most importantly, almost everything allows you to use “optimistic,” “average,” and “pessimistic” assumptions simply by toggling between them.

Yes, NewRetirement offers a free version which does not require a credit card to sign up. This tier still provides incredible capabilities, including building a personalized financial plan, running “what if” scenarios, Monte Carlo analysis, Social Security Explorer, and Roth Conversion Explorer.

Unlock the full power of this software with more inputs and insights for just $120 a year. NewRetirement’s most popular option, PlannerPlus, is a steal when compared to a financial advisor which would cost you thousands of dollars for something similar. For DIY investors, $120 is a small price that spares you the trouble of starting from scratch and the time you'd otherwise spend creating your own spreadsheets.

Yes, but more powerfully, the NewRetirement finance planning software allows you to better evaluate your retirement choices so that you can create the best possible plan for your situation. It makes it easy for you to change all kinds of assumptions and even provides a basic starting place to work from.

You start with something reasonable, and then you can change it to see how much your retirement success and income depend on that particular variable. Some of these changeable assumptions include:

  1. Inflation rate
  2. Social Security COLA
  3. Housing appreciation rate
  4. Medical inflation rate
  5. Expenses
  6. Withdrawal strategy (three options)
  7. Tax rates

Most importantly, almost everything allows you to use “optimistic,” “average,” and “pessimistic” assumptions simply by toggling between them.

Take control. Make the right decisions for today's priorities and tomorrow's possibilities.