The White Coat Investor is partnering with, a free real estate concierge service for physicians, by physicians. After struggling through his first home purchase, Dr. Peter Kim founded Curbside Real Estate to address physician-specific issues encountered during the home buying process. In addition to providing news and information, is your physician-led “curbside consult” for physician home loans, expert real estate agents, relocation, and everything in between. Whether you’re securing your first home loan, just beginning your home search, or you’re not sure where to start, can help you navigate the home buying process confidently and efficiently, saving you valuable time and money.

Exclusive bonus for White Coat Investor readers: $100 bonus at closing.

Contact at [email protected] or 650-397-1728 for a no-commitment consultation and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more information.

You can also listen to the podcast episode where we featured Dr. Peter Kim, An Interview with Curbside Real Estate.