Audiobooks are great. They let you listen to your favorite books on road trips and during your commute. Sometimes, on Audible the book is even cheaper than the paperback version. However, one downside of an audiobook is that you can't see the images, graphs, and charts in the print book. Another downside is that you can't click on the links like you can with an ebook.

On this page, I have included both images and links to additional resources at the end of each chapter from The White Coat Investor's Financial Boot Camp: A 12-Step High-Yield Guide to Bring Your Finances Up To Speed. Below those you will also find images from my first book, The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing.

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Additional Resources for Financial Boot Camp

Chapter 1 Disability Insurance

List of good independent agents

An overview of disability insurance

The original series on disability insurance on the blog

A personal story of a doctor living off the proceeds of his disability insurance policy

Information on disability insurance for military doctors

Great calculator for estimating your personal chance of being disabled

Details of the American Medical Association group policy

Details of the American Academy of Family Practice group policy

Details of the American Academy of Pediatrics group policy

Details of the American College of Surgeons group policy


Chapter 2 Life Insurance

Step-by-step guide to buying life insurance

List of vetted independent insurance agents

Term4Sale—Access to Compulife database–free instant quotes

Insuring Income—Access to Compulife database–free instant quotes

List of techniques used by insurance agents to sell whole life insurance inappropriately

Still think whole life might be for you? Read through these questions first

Regretting buying a whole life policy? This post is for you

Chapter 3 Spending Plan

How to guide to budgeting

Budgets as training wheels

Emergency funds and avoiding debt

Quit buying cars on credit

Spending in ways that increase your happiness

Useful checklist for pregnant physicians

Chapter 4 Student Loan Plan

List of companies that will refinance your student loans

List of advisors who specialize in student loan-related advice

Guide to managing student loans

Information about refinancing during residency

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Income Based Repayment

Switching to REPAYE

How and why to live like a resident

Income Driven Repayment Programs

Public Service Loan Forgiveness annual certification form

Discussion of challenges PSLF seekers have run into

How to mitigate PSLF legislative risk

Chapter 5 Boosting Income

Contract review services

The importance of contract negotiation

Financial Advice for Low Earning Physicians

Earning tips from real-life physicians

Developing passive income streams

The rules for having more than one 401(k)

A list of suggestions to increase your income

A WCI Network blog devoted to developing passive income

Chapter 6 Housing Plan

How to get a doctor mortgage loan

Rent vs buy as a resident

Dealing with housing in a high cost of living area

How to refinance a mortgage

Chapter 7 Retirement Accounts—The best online database of mutual funds

A discussion of marginal and effective tax rates

A discussion of the relative size of various tax breaks, including retirement accounts

Why an individual 401(k) beats a SEP-IRA 99% of the time

How to do a backdoor Roth IRA, including how to fill out the tax form

Using a Health Savings Account as an extra retirement account

How to use more than one 401(k) at a time

A list of the best HSAs to invest in

A discussion of why even those who wish to retire early should still maximize their retirement accounts

A list of exceptions to the Age 59 ½ rule

Chapter 8 Investing

150 examples of a reasonable asset allocation

A framework to help you differentiate one mutual fund from another in simple, easy to understand terms

A brief description of how to be your own financial advisor

How to use future value to determine how much you need to save and for how long to reach your goals

An explanation of why you should invest in index funds

Describes the benefits, but also the difficulty, of using proper asset location to boost returns

How and why to rebalance your portfolio

How to build your portfolio if your 401(k) doesn’t offer low cost index funds

A discussion of the relative merits of stock and real estate investing

How to make sure you’re getting good advice at a fair price

An explanation of why Vanguard should be the default option for most of your investing

More information about real estate investment trusts

Why real estate investing provides solid returns

Chapter 9 Correcting Past Mistakes

Need an unbiased education about whole life insurance? Here you go

How to determine whether or not to keep your whole life insurance policy

How to get rid of the policy once you have evaluated it

A broad overview of annuities and why they make for lousy investments

Lots of great annuity tips in this review of the best book about annuities

An extensive overview of how to fire your financial advisor

A brief description of how to be your own financial advisor

How to make sure you’re getting good advice at a fair price

Recommended financial advisors

How to determine whether you need an advisor or not

How to stop being an investment collector

An explanation of why retirement accounts are so valuable

A discussion of prenuptial agreements

Chapter 10 Saving for College

More discussion of the four pillars of college savings

A ranking of 529 plans for both residents and non-residents

Discussion of how to choose a 529 plan

The Utah 529

The New York 529

The Nevada (aka Vanguard) 529 plan

Discussion of how much risk to take with a 529

How real estate can function as a college savings plan

A good discussion of why saving for college using whole life insurance is a bad idea

Chapter 11 Estate Planning

A broad overview of estate planning

Information on revocable trusts and their uses

List of states and their estate tax exemption limits

Information on irrevocable trusts and their uses

Discussion of what to put in your irrevocable trust

A review of a great book about revocable trusts and why you should have one

A discussion of charitable trusts

Chapter 12 Asset Protection

Malpractice risk by specialty

A basic guide to asset protection

Information on irrevocable trusts and their uses

A discussion of controversial portable offshore asset protection trusts

A discussion of asset protection by MD/JD Doug Segan

Asset protection laws by state

A list of states that offer tenancy by the entirety

Information on revocable trusts and their uses

Discussion of what to put in your irrevocable trust

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