Financial educator of the yearHi! I’m Jim Dahle. I’m an emergency physician and the founder of The White Coat Investor.

What can be better than saving thousands of dollars in interest on your student loan while getting much better service than you are currently getting from your federal student loan servicer? How about hundreds of dollars of cash back? If you go through the links on this page to refinance your student loans, you will get an even better deal than you can get going directly to the refinancing company. I know it seems to be too good to be true, but thanks to my large audience of doctors and other high income professionals, I have been able to negotiate a better deal with each of these companies and I want to share it with you. You will get the exact same terms and interest rate, but you will also get $200-1000 in cash that you can use for whatever you want (although I hope you’ll put it toward paying off your loans even faster.)

In addition, if you run into any problems, I’m here to help. Just shoot me an email at [email protected] Don’t worry, I get paid too if you go through these links, so don’t feel like you’re imposing on me if you don’t feel like you’re being treated well. I send these companies a lot of business each month so they tend to be particularly responsive to me when there is an issue.

Splash Financial – $500* back to you 

Splash Financial is a leader in student loan refinancing for doctors. Hundreds of you check your rate with Splash each month.  It only takes minutes to do so and won’t impact your credit score! No application or origination fees and no prepayment penalties. Splash loans are funded by banks and credit unions, who they’ve negotiated with on your behalf to ensure market leading rates. Splash also helps residents and fellows refinance and pay only $100 a month during training.

There is no maximum borrowing amount. The minimum amount is $5,000 but you must refinance over $100,000 to receive the $500 cash bonus. The bonus will be paid between 90-120 days after the loan closes and is available for first time customers only. Special offer for WCI readers only if you use our link.

Laurel Road – $300 back to you

Laurel Road (formerly DRB) is another huge player in this market and is a long time advertiser with The White Coat Investor. Hundreds of WCI readers have refinanced with them, often reporting they offered the lowest rate of all companies. If you apply via the links on this page and close a loan, you’ll get paid $300. They also have a resident refinancing program with $100 per month payments during residency. Laurel Road has a very flexible total allowable residency/fellowship period, allowing for residency periods up to 8 years depending on specialty – may allow for longer if the loan repayment term is 15 years or shorter. Laurel Road is a brand of KeyBank National Association. All loans are provided by KeyBank. There is no maximum borrowing amount. The minimum amount is $5000.

LendKey – $300-$750* back to you

At LendKey all loans are funded by community lenders, like credit unions and community banks. You can consolidate and refinance federal and private student loans, including undergraduate and graduate school debt for 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 year terms. Recently, they upgraded their experience and now have even lower rates and more options (over 300) for lenders who will refinance your loans. You can compare hundreds of lenders in 2 minutes with no impact on your credit score, and your information isn’t shared with any lender until you select a loan product. Lastly, there are no handoffs, ever. LendKey originates and services all loans on behalf of their lenders so you get to work with the same customer care team from application all the way until you pay your loan back. Simple, consistent, and transparent. The minimum amount to refinance is $5k and maximum is $300k. As a WCI reader, if you use the links on this page, you get an extra $300 when you refinance with LendKey for loans between $5oK and $150k and $750 for loans over 150K.

ELFI – $350 back to you

ELFI (Education Loan Finance from Southeast Bank) — Education Loan Finance has come highly recommended from readers for low rates. Education Loan Finance offers student loan refinancing and consolidation to both recent graduates as well as parents with Parent PLUS and private student loans. Education Loan Finance offers low rates even without the automatic payment discount that many lenders offer. Loan amounts start at $15,000 and up for qualified borrowers. Education Loan Finance offers repayment terms of 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 years. These wide range of options provide borrowers with the flexibility they need to choose the optimal product to fit their budgets. Those with high income may opt for a shorter repayment term, saving them money over time. Those who want lower monthly payments, on the other hand, can choose a product with lower rates than they are currently paying. The minimum to refinance is $15,000. There is no maximum. For parents, ELFI offers repayment terms of 5, 7, and 10 years. Education Loan Finance also offers Personal Loan Advisors who are dedicated to each borrower providing individual assistance throughout the refinancing process.

Credible – $400-750* back to you

Credible is not a lender, but a marketplace where lenders compete for your business. They’ll show you actual rates from up to a dozen lenders without impacting your credit score, and they don’t share your information with lenders until you choose the specific lender you want to pursue. Even if you think you’ve found a good rate, definitely take the 2 minutes to shop it against the offers available on Credible so you are confident you are getting the best rate. There are no fees and no max balances. For medical residents, Credible also partners with multiple lenders that offer graduated repayment plans – that means you can defer full payments until you complete your residency or fellowship. The minimum amount to refinance is $5k and with most companies there is no maximum. Use the link above and receive a $750 WCI bonus when refinancing through Credible.  (*To receive $750 welcome bonus, WCI readers must refinance a balance equal to or greater than $100K. If refinancing a balance below $100K, readers are eligible for a $400 welcome bonus. Payment of any Welcome Bonus will occur either via a credit through sent to the email address provided by Referrer or Referee, as applicable, or by any other means determined by Credible.)

SoFi – $300 back to you*

Hundreds of WCI readers have refinanced with SoFi over the years. If you apply via the links on this page, not only will I get paid if you close a loan, but you’ll get paid too- $300. If you’re smart, you’ll just have them apply that to your loan balance, but I suppose you could use it to buy a frosty at Wendy’s every day for 10 months too if you want.  SoFi is now lending to medical and dental residents with $100 monthly payments. Disclaimer.

Lend-Grow   – $750-$1,500* back to you

Lend-Grow is an innovative new loan marketplace which actually pays you back each month when you pay your refinanced loan on time. Find lenders with competitive rates through their marketplace, and then earn Payback Rewards; Lend-Grow deposits .25% APR of loan amount each month for 3 years. Lend-Grow’s mission is to help people get out of debt faster, and they’re truly doing this by actually making payments to your loan amount each month. We’ve honestly never seen anything like this. Not only could borrowers potentially save thousands by refinancing at low rates, but also pay down their loan faster through Lend-Grow’s Payback Rewards. Minimum loan amount is $5,000 and a maximum of $500,000. With Payback Rewards, borrowers can earn $750 to $1,500*.

Reset Refinance Loan – $500* back to you

Find lower rates, better terms or both when you refinance with the Reset Refinance Loan. Iowa Student Loan, which offers its student loan refinance programs nationwide, is a nonprofit student loan lender with more than 40 years of experience exclusively in higher education finance, so you can bet they know their business. Not only can you get pre-qualified in about a minute with no impact to your credit, but they also have very skilled and knowledgeable staff to answer your specific questions. Their application is quick, and they offer both a regular refinance option for practicing physicians plus a loan for medical and dental residents that requires only $75 monthly payments during your residency or fellowship. Loans are originated and serviced for the life of the loan at their one Iowa service center. Use the links on this page to apply and get an extra $500 when you refinance $60k or more with Iowa Student Loan.

CommonBond – $550 back to you

CommonBond is proud to partner with WCI to help you save more than $50,000, on average, on your medical school loans. Refinancing with CommonBond will simplify your loans and could lower your monthly payments, helping you achieve your life goals faster. Applying is straightforward and getting an initial rate estimate only takes a few minutes. You can even temporarily postpone payments if you run into financial difficulties. The minimum amount to refinance is $5k and maximum is $500k.

CommonBond is also the only lender to have a “1-for-1” social model—for each loan they fund, they help fund the education of a child in need. Your loan will truly make a difference.

Use the link on this page to start your application today. As a WCI reader, you get an extra $550 in your pocket when you refinance with CommonBond.

Earnest – $500* back to you

Save money on your student loans by refinancing with Earnest. Choose custom terms to fit your budget – like picking your exact monthly payment or selecting fixed and variable rates. Earnest’s Precision Pricing matches your custom term with a custom interest rate — saving you even more money when refinancing. You won’t be passed off to a third-party servicer nor penalized for making payments early. Your family is always protected with loan forgiveness in cases of death and dismemberment. The minimum amount to refinance is $5k and maximum is $500k. Get $500* when you sign a loan with Earnest using links on this page. (Can lend in DC and all states except DE, KY, NV. They can only offer fixed rates in AK, IL, MN, NH, OH, TN, and TX.)

Client Welcome Bonus Disclosure*
Terms and conditions apply. To qualify for this signup bonus offer: 1) you must submit a completed student loan refinancing application through the WCI link; 2) you must provide a valid email address and a valid checking account number during the application process; and 3) your loan must be fully disbursed. Bonus will be automatically transmitted to your checking account after the final disbursement. Limit one bonus per borrower. This offer is not valid with any other bonus offers received from Earnest.

Brazos Higher Education – $600 back to you

Start your Brazos refinance application through this page and you will get a $600 cash bonus after your loan funds! Texas residents only. Brazos is a nonprofit with over 35 years of experience with student loans.  As a nonprofit, Brazos’ rates can be better than the national lenders. You can refinance up to $150,000 with a bachelor’s degree and up to $250,000 with a graduate, law, medical or other professional degree.  The minimum amount to refinance is $10,000. If you’re a Texan, visit now and start saving. Disclaimer.

Cash Back
Variable 1.99%-7.10%
Fixed 2.88%-7.27%
Variable 1.99%-6.65%
Fixed 3.50%-7.02%
Variable 2.7%-6.75%
Fixed 3.39%-7.75%
Variable 2.39%-6.01%
Fixed 3.20%-6.69%
Variable 2.01%-8.38%
Fixed 3.23%-8.38%
Variable 3.21%-6.44%
Fixed 3.49%-6.44%
Variable 3.50%-6.58%
Fixed 3.75%-6.88%
Fixed 3.25%-7.78%
Variable 2.02%-6.30%
Fixed 3.21%-6.45%
Variable 2.39%-6.43%
Fixed 3.20%-6.43%
Variable 2.38%-3.97%
Fixed 3.50%-5.26%

Thanks for supporting The White Coat Investor by going through the links on this page when you refinance your student loans. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP
Founder, The White Coat Investor