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Credible is not a lender, but a marketplace where lenders compete for your business. They’ll show you actual prequalified rates from multiple lenders without impacting your credit score, and they don’t share your information with lenders until you choose the specific lender you want to pursue. Even if you think you've found a good rate, definitely take the two minutes to shop it against the offers available on Credible. Credible does not charge any fees and there is one simple form to fill out.

For medical residents, Credible also partners with multiple lenders that offer graduated repayment plans—that means you can defer full payments until you complete your residency or fellowship. The minimum amount to refinance is $5K and with most companies there is no maximum.

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What Credible Customers Say About Refinancing Their Student Loans

“I’ve been looking to refinance for a long time and spoke to numerous companies but no one ever got me as low of a rate as Credible did. Very happy I refinanced and happy for the help!”

“Literally the easiest website to use to see all your potential refinance options for student loans. Found my best deal and got my rate down to 2.89%! I’m paying my loans off faster and saving a grand a year! Amazing!”

“It was ridiculously easy. I was sitting on the couch and applied for refi'ing my student loan; within two hours, everything was done and I had secured refinancing. I just can't understand how it'd be easier than that.”


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Credible Student Loan Refinancing Terms and Conditions

*Student Loan Refinancing Rate and Terms Disclosure: Variable rates will fluctuate over the term of the borrower's loan with changes in the LIBOR rate. The maximum variable rate on the Education Refinance Loan is the greater of 21.00% or Prime Rate plus 9.00%. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Your actual rate may be different from the rates advertised and/or shown above and will be based on factors such as the term of your loan, your financial history (including your cosigner’s (if any) financial history) and the degree you are in the process of achieving or have achieved. While not always the case, lower rates typically require creditworthy applicants with creditworthy co-signers, graduate degrees, and shorter repayment terms (terms vary by lender and can range from 5-20 years) and include loyalty and Automatic Payment discounts, where applicable. Loyalty and Automatic Payment discount requirements as well as Lender terms and conditions will vary by lender and therefore, reading each lender’s disclosures is important. Additionally, lenders may have loan minimum and maximum requirements, degree requirements, educational institution requirements, citizenship and residency requirements as well as other lender-specific requirements.


Prequalified Rates Disclosure:
Prequalified rates are based on the information you provide and a soft credit inquiry. Receiving prequalified rates does not guarantee that the Lender will extend you an offer of credit. You are not yet approved for a loan or a specific rate. All credit decisions, including loan approval, if any, are determined by Lenders, in their sole discretion. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Rates from Lenders may differ from prequalified rates due to factors which may include, but are not limited to: (i) changes in your personal credit circumstances; (ii) additional information in your hard credit pull and/or additional information you provide (or are unable to provide) to the Lender during the underwriting process; and/or (iii) changes in APRs (e.g., an increase in the rate index between the time of prequalification and the time of application or loan closing. (Or, if the loan option is a variable rate loan, then the interest rate index used to set the APR is subject to increases or decreases at any time). Lenders reserve the right to change or withdraw the prequalified rates at any time.

Requesting prequalified rates on Credible is free and doesn't affect your credit score. However, applying for or closing a loan will involve a hard credit pull that impacts your credit score and closing a loan will result in costs to you.