By Dr. Jim Dahle, WCI Founder

Every year, The White Coat Investor publishes at least one online course, which we call “Continuing Financial Education.” In reality, it is a blend of financial education—both basic and advanced—and education about wellness and burnout reduction. Where does the material for this course come from? WCICON, of course!

WCICON is an experience that really has to be enjoyed in person to fully understand it and maximally benefit from it. The virtual option certainly gives a taste of the experience, but we find that many virtual attendees come in person the next year because they tasted enough to realize what they were missing. However, even when you strip away all the fun wellness activities, the friendships, the networking, the relaxing, and the fantastic food, it's still an incredible, educational conference absolutely packed with awesome material taught by dozens of inspirational experts.


CFE 2024

Guess what? We record it all. That allows conference attendees to sleep in or do other things that actually improve their own wellness, but it also ensures ongoing access to the material being presented in other rooms even when they were attending a breakout session. All of the attendees, whether in person or virtual, get all the educational material from the conference sent home with them.

What form does that come in? That's right, an online course, titled Continuing Financial Education 2024. It's hosted on Teachable like our other online courses, such as Fire Your Financial Advisor or No Hype Real Estate Investing, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can actually listen to them podcast-style while commuting or exercising if you like. However, there is a professionally done video component integrated with the speaker's slides, so many prefer watching it as they listen (which you definitely should not do while driving.)

At any rate, this online course is now available to everybody, not just those who came to the conference. It contains all kinds of up-to-date information about personal finance, investing, and burnout-reducing wellness techniques. It is eligible for 16 hours of AMA Category I CME credit (or Dental CE), but it actually contains a total of 37 hours of material. The CME/CE eligibility means you can buy it with dedicated CME/CE funds or, if you are self-employed, write the cost off as a business expense.

And if you order CFE 2024 from now until March 8, the course—and what the heck, let’s make it all of the WCI courses—is on sale for $100 off. Just enter SAVE100 as the coupon code.

More information here:

Highlights and Behind the Scenes Stories from WCICON24 (Where One Speaker Danced Like Nobody Was Watching)

Paula Pant Asks: Do You Want to Retire or Are You Simply Tired?


What's In the Course?

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You can learn from me (or show it to your spouse) why index funds are the best way to invest in the most profitable companies the world has ever seen. You can learn advanced estate planning techniques that can save millions in transfer taxes. You can figure out if you should be making Roth or tax-deferred retirement account contributions. Attorney Jack Carney will show you how to take care of your elderly parents in the best way possible. Financial advisor SC Gutierrez will inspire you to get your financial ducks in a row. Dr. Jake Zadra will show you what's worth worrying about in personal finance and, most importantly, what isn't. Early retiree Dr. Leif Dahleen will teach you how to either spend more or save more, whichever one is harder for you. There are lectures on real estate investing and health insurance in early retirement and cash balance plans and beating your own behavioral biases and how to pay less money to the tax man.

When your brain gets full of all the ways you can do money better, head on over to the wellness lectures. Greater than 50% of doctors are now burned out; you don't have to be one of them. With her keynote address from the conference, Paula Pant (Afford Anything) will help you figure out if you need to retire or if you're just tired. Orthodontist Tarryn McCarthy will empower you to unleash your potential. Dr. Cory Fawcett will show you how to rekindle the joy of practicing medicine. Dr. Dawn Baker will help you and your family put a bridle on social media use. WCI columnist Dr. Margaret Curtis will show you how to survive a toxic workplace, and if that doesn't work, Dr. Miguel Villagra will show you how to move to a new one where you can thrive. Jim Sheils and new columnist Dr. Julie Alonso will teach you how to be the best parent ever, and Dr. Gina Clark will show you how to recover from the psychological trauma inflicted on you in your personal and professional life.

And that's not even half of what you get. There are physician “summits” out there that are nothing more than a collection of 20-minute interviews where neither the interviewee nor interviewer have prepared. They're mostly marketing and fluff. How do I know? Because I've participated in a dozen of them. That's not what this is. These presenters were selected from 250 applications to speak at this conference. They spent countless hours researching and preparing their material and slides and rehearsing their presentations. Then they presented them live in front of a top-notch AV crew before the presentations were professionally edited and compiled into the course.

Look at all this great material!


Wellness Lectures (CME/CE Eligible)

  • Retire or Just Tired?: How to Re-Engage and Re-Motivate When Burned Out — Paula Pant
  • Unleash Your Potential: An Empowered Path to Success — Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy
  • Unlocking Personal Fulfillment: Harnessing the Power of QI and System Thinking — Dr. Brittne Halford
  • Reclaiming the Joy of Being a Physician — Dr. Cory Fawcett
  • Staying Sane in the Era of Social Media — Dr. Dawn Baker
  • How to Be Happy with Less — Dr. Dimitrios Tsatiris
  • The New American Dream: How to 100X Your Life and Your Impact — Don Wenner
  • Psychological Trauma and Recovery Basics — Dr. Gina Clark
  • Family Strong: How to Enhance Your Most Important Relationships — Jim Sheils
  • Principles of Positive Parenting — Dr. Julie Alonso
  • How Operating at Your Highest Paygrade Will Create More Joy (at Work and at Home) — Dr. Kate Mangona
  • Investing in Your Health: Practical Recommendations for Busy Individuals — Dr. Kevin Forey
  • How to Survive a Toxic Workplace — Dr. Margaret Curtis
  • Thriving Beyond the White Coat: Navigating Career Transitions — Dr. Miguel Villagra
  • A Developmental Approach to Physician Well-Being from Residency to Retirement —Dr. Robert Leschke
  • Charting in Medicine: Parallels and Synergy to Enhance Well-Being — Dr. Ryan Stegink


Finance Lectures

cfe 2024

  • The Unsung Benefits of Index Investing — Dr. Jim Dahle
  • Advanced Estate Planning for White Coat Investors — Dr. Jim Dahle
  • Tax Reduction Strategies No One Should Be Missing Out On — Alexis Gallati
  • Pre-tax or Roth?: A Deep Dive — Christopher Davin
  • Habits for a Wealthy Life — Dr. Cory Fawcett
  • What to Know When Investing in Bonds and Bond Funds — Dr. Elizabeth Chiang
  • The Kiddie Tax on Your Career — Dr. Erin Garvey
  • How to Create an Effective Elder Care Game Plan — Jack Carney, JD
  • Financial Minimalism: Simplify Your Financial Plan and Declutter Your Mind — Dr. Jake Zadra
  • Right-Size Your Spending: Learning How to Save More or Spend More — Dr. Leif Dahleen
  • Advanced Topics in Physician Contracts — Dr. Margaret Curtis
  • The Blueprint to Wealth: Understanding Real Estate Fundamentals and Investing — Michael Episcope
  • Health Insurance for Early Retirement and Beyond: Get the Facts First — Dr. Patricia Tan
  • Physicians, Property, and Prosperity: Current Topics in Real Estate Investment — Dr. Peter Kim
  • How to Put ‘My Real Magic Number’ to Work Building Wealth — Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, CFP
  • Aligning Your Wealth and Your Values to Live More Fulfilling Lives — Daniel Wrenne
  • Why the Turtle Beats the Hare in Real Estate Investing — Dr. Jordan Frey
  • Retirement Plans: Get Your Fair Shake — Michael George
  • A Neurologist's Guide to Fighting Behavioral Biases — Dr. Rikki Racela
  • Lean Private Practice: A Sustainable Model in a Changing Healthcare Landscape — Dr. Sanghamitra Sadhu
  • Case Files: Cash Balance Pension Plans for the Solo Practitioner to Private Practice Partner — Dr. Victor Mangona

There you have it, 37 ways to crush burnout and fix your finances.



A Guarantee? AND On Sale?!

We're so confident that you're going to love this course that we guarantee it. We'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked, if you decide to return the course within seven days (and have watched less than 25% of it). The course is yours forever to watch whenever you please. Like most new courses, we're offering a discount on it but only through March 8. If you buy before midnight on March 8, you get $100 off the regular course price of $789, so you only pay $689. (Here's a reminder that we've put all of our courses on sale through March 8, so if you've been waiting for a discount to buy Fire Your Financial Advisor or No Hype Real Estate Investing, grab those too.)

You spent more than that just on USMLE Step 1, and you couldn't even write off that expense. It costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into this career, but it only costs $689 to learn what you need to know to stay in the career (and make sure you arrive at a comfortable retirement at the end of it). Burnout is the biggest risk to your career. Use the skills and knowledge taught in this course to take it into the corner and drop an anvil on it.

A quarter of doctors in their 60s are not yet millionaires. Don't let that be you. Put the principles taught in this course to use now to ensure financial success in your life.

Start Continuing Financial Education 2024 today for just $789 $689!


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