Retirement Accounts

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Over-Fund a Roth IRA?

Answering reader questions about the penalties of over-funding a Roth IRA and if they're worth it to pay for better growth, if it makes sense to do Roth contributions in your peak earnings years if you plan to retire early, and how much asset protection you get in a solo 401(k).

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Solo 401(k) Questions

Answering reader questions about how to convert old IRAs to solo 401(k)s, opening a second solo 401(k) after a geographic arbitrage move, and whether you should actually have two individual 401(k)s.

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What Is the 4% Rule?

Answering reader questions about the 4% rule and pensions, whether you should pay down your mortgage or invest, and how much you can use long-term capital losses to offset short-term capital gains.

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Investment Accounts

Answering reader questions about the tax implications of UTMA accounts, whether one doc should buy a pension or contribute to a 401(a), and whether you can put lawsuit winnings into a SEP-IRA.

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