Well, it took us longer than we thought, but the first five episodes of The White Coat Investor Podcast are now ready for download.

The podcasts range from 15-30 minutes long, although I think we'll probably lean toward the shorter side of that in the future. My theory is that you should be able to complete one during your commute and, well, I just like to listen to podcasts about that length! Each one has an ad at the beginning and the end (we're still a for-profit enterprise around here.) Each podcast then has a bit of a rant and then I address questions I've received by email, Twitter, Facebook, the forum, or the blog comments section. I know there are doctors out there who need this information but who won't read a financial book, won't follow a blog, won't participate in an internet forum, and are unlikely to ever hear me speak but who WILL listen to a podcast during their boring commute. I hope the podcast helps get the WCI message out to those folks.

You can currently download it on ITunesOvercast, Stitcher, or Google Play.  Like most podcasts, our newsletter, our blog, and our forum, it is 100% free to you.

I have a new appreciation for anyone who has ever attempted to make a podcast

The purposes of the podcast are the same as the rest of this crazy WCI enterprise:

1) Help high-income professionals (particularly those who wear the white coat) get a fair shake on Wall Street
2) Fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit (i.e. build something cool and make a few bucks doing it)
3) Connect high income professionals who need professional financial help with the good guys in the financial services industry

The first five podcasts (at least the rant at the beginning) are about:

# 1 Student Loan Refinancing (Sponsored by SoFi)
# 2 Whole Life Insurance (Sponsored by Larry Keller at Physician Financial Services)
# 3 How To Choose A Financial Advisor (Sponsored by Andrew McFadden at Panoramic Financial Services)
# 4 Health Savings Accounts (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at DrDisabilityQuotes.com)
# 5  Student Loans Versus Investing (Sponsored by Bob Bhayani at DrDisabilityQuotes.com)

A special thank you goes out to these initial sponsors for their faith in me (and in you.) They really went out on a limb to agree to sponsor a podcast they had never heard and which had precisely zero subscribers at the time they agreed to sponsor it. Thank you for supporting those who support WCI.

Now, I have a few requests for you.

First, please SPREAD THE WORD about the podcast. We all know someone who could use this message but won't read a blog or a book.

Second, everything I do around here becomes ten times better once the WCI community gets involved with it. Please EMAIL ME all the constructive criticism you can think of.

Third, podcast providers really rely on ratings and reviews to determine which podcasts are the best (and thus get the most visibility.) It would be awesome if you could give us a POSITIVE REVIEW. Remember- all the good stuff goes to iTunes (or other podcast provider), and all the bad stuff comes to my email so we can fix it with future episodes.

Once more, thank you for being part of the WCI community and thank you for helping this podcast to be as successful as the site, newsletter, forum, and book have been. Together we are making a difference for hundreds of thousands of high income professionals.

Subscribe to the podcast today!

What do you think? Do you listen to podcasts? Why or why not and if so, when? What did you like and dislike about the first few episodes? How can I make it better? Comment below!