One of the tasks assigned to my wife when she started working here at The White Coat Investor was to get our social media presence going a little better. I spent years trying to get the website to automatically update our Facebook page, all to no avail, so she now cares for it manually. She has also now experienced the fun of interacting with whole life salesmen trying to start an argument. At any rate, Facebook is a great way to spread the message of The White Coat Investor (helping high-income professionals get a “fair shake” on Wall Street) and so in an effort to encourage you all to like us on Facebook and help spread the word, we're going to do a massive book giveaway. It'll cost us a few bucks in postage, but hopefully it will be totally worth it. (I'm sure there is no ulterior motive behind my wife's idea to do this giveaway using the books cluttering up the shelves in the office.)

Over the years, I've acquired a lot of financial books. Some are books I bought. Some are books I was given. Others are review copies. Some I occasionally go back to and reference, but many I do not. I also have multiple copies of several books. I need to make a little room, and you, dear readers, will be the beneficiaries. Be aware that only a few of these books are in brand new condition. Some are autographed, some are dog-eared, some are review copies, and some even have my notes in them. But the price is right for you! Some of these books are selling on Amazon for over $50 right now.

So here are the rules-

  • # 1 You must have a Facebook account.
  • # 2 You must “like” The White Coat Investor page on Facebook. (If you've already liked us, pick any post and “share” it.)
  • # 3 You must come back to this post, post a comment using your correct email address, state “I liked the Facebook page” or “I shared a post” and list up to three books whose drawings you would like to be included in. After a week or so, we'll hold the drawings, contact the winners via email for their shipping address, and ship off the books. Easy peasy.
  • # 4 If you really think the book sounds great, but don't win it, go ahead and buy it from Amazon using the links on this page.

Now, without further ado, here are the books available to win:

The White Coat InvestorThe White Coat Investor

Yup, that's right. Not only am I giving away a brand new, autographed copy of my book, I'm giving away three of them as part of this promotion. It is still # 1 in its categories more than 2 years after publication and has changed the lives of thousands of high-income professionals. You can be next! Want to read a review first? Here's a totally unbiased one.

The Bogleheads Guide To Retirement Planning

This excellent book, crowdpublished by the Bogleheads, gets into the deep stuff with regards to retirement planning. This isn't a read for a rank beginner, but if you've read a few financial books I guarantee this one contains some stuff that is new to you and well worth your time if you're anywhere near retirement. Highlights include Chapter 4 on IRAs, written by yours truly. This is a hardback book, in brand new condition, and signed by Taylor Larimore and Mel Lindauer.

What They Don't Teach You In Dental School

This excellent book by Jeff Anzalone, DDS, reviewed here, is short but packed with excellent stuff for the dentist who has just graduated or soon will. It goes over all the stuff you need to know to start your own practice.

How To Avoid Bag Lady Syndrome

Here's an interesting one, subtitled “A Strong Woman's Guide to Financial Peace of Mind” by Lance Drucker, ChFC, CLU. It was sent to me as a review copy, but as you can see, I don't review every book I'm sent on the website. I didn't review this one not because it isn't a good book, but mostly just because it isn't particularly physician-specific. It is, however, female-specific. It is fairly entry-level and reasonably entertaining.

Pay Yourself First

This is a very short book, reviewed here, by David Burd, CFP, and James Hemphill, CFP. It is subtitled “A Financial Guide For Doctors Entering Practice.” You should be aware this was a review copy and I think a few changes were made before publication.

Mutual Funds for Dummies

This is the 4th edition of this book by well-known personal finance author Eric Tyson, MBA. It is an excellent, entry-level book and also has the additional bonus of being the book that got The White Coat Investor to fire his financial advisor. Not just the book title, this is THE ACTUAL BOOK read over a ten day period during a road trip from Tucson to British Columbia to climb on the Stawamus Chief (El Capitan's little brother.) Upon arriving home and realizing that my mutual funds were C shares and not “no-loads” the rest is history. As I look back at the dog-eared pages, I realize I starred a bunch of Vanguard mutual funds. I don't think I had even heard of Vanguard before reading this book. Thank you Eric Tyson. Hopefully by passing on this book it can have just as much impact in your life as in mine.

Why Physician Home Loans Fail

Next up is Josh Mettle's excellent primer on Physician Mortgage Loans, reviewed here. I say primer, but the truth is this is the only book on the market on this subject. If you're considering getting a doctor loan, read this book to “avoid the land mines for a flawless home purchase.”

Common Sense Investing

This is a review copy of Rick Van Ness's excellent primer, reviewed here, subtitled “Ten Simple Rules to Finance Your Dreams.” This one is less than 100 very short pages. If you can't get through this book, go get a financial advisor, there is no hope for you becoming a DIY investor.

The Future Of Your Wealth

This is a fairly quick read by Matthew Shafer and has two subtitles. The first is “How the world is changing and what you need to do about it” and the second is “a guide for high net worth individuals and their families.” Based on the dog ears in the book, I did actually read it, but based on the fact that I didn't write a review probably means I didn't like it much. Many books like this perhaps should be subtitled, “My marketing tool for attracting high net worth clients” but if you'd like to give it a try, I'll send it to you! At least the price is right.

Killing Sacred Cows

This book by insurance agent, entrepreneur, and multimillionaire Garrett Gunderson, reviewed here, is subtitled “overcoming the financial myths that are destroying your prosperity.” I think there is a lot of great stuff in it, although a fair amount I don't agree with as you'll note in the review. If you'd like to read something not Boglehead approved, this should fit the bill. I love the parts about entrepreneurship.

The Unofficial Guide To Buying A Home

This was another book I read while researching what will hopefully be our final home purchase. If you have never bought a home, you ought to read a book before you do so and this one is as good as any. It is quite comprehensive with everything from new construction and the nine most popular home styles to “the lowdown” on real estate agents.

Financial Planning Handbook for Physicians and Advisors

This one comes from the Marcinko group. It is very comprehensive and crowdwritten, with every chapter written by a different expert. It is listed for $83 on Amazon right now. I don't think I'd pay that, but it's not a bad book at the price I'm offering it for.

Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians and Advisors

Another crowdfunded book from the Marcinko group with chapters written by people with as many as 26 letters behind their name. I actually planned to review this one on the site someday, but couldn't actually ever finish the book. Maybe if I took it on a mountaineering trip involving a three day storm and a small tent I could finish it. This book is comprehensive and expensive ($223 on Amazon) but certainly not entertaining. But if you don't like it, maybe you can sell it for a couple hundred bucks. Or trade it for some Ambien.

Whew! 15 books total! I'm not sure what your strategy should be, but I'm sure some of these books will be more popular than others so I'd recommend only using one or two of your three picks for popular books and save the other one for a book that few people are trying to win. And if you can't handle waiting a couple weeks to read it, just go buy it on Amazon. Most of these are pretty inexpensive.

Now get on over to our Facebook page, give it a like and I'll see you in the comments section! Remember- correct email address, state “I liked the Facebook page”, and list up to three books.