Not able to get as much help as you need on the forum? Here are some resources that can help you with your financial needs. Yes, WCI has financial relationships (including some affiliate relationships) with all of these firms.


Financial Advisors

Get someone to help you with your financial planning, investment management, or practice retirement plan.


Insurance AgentsĀ 

Need disability or term life from someone you can trust?


Doctor Mortgage Providers

Don't have a 20% down payment but still want to avoid PMI?


Student Loan Specialists

IBR? PAYE? REPAYE? PSLF? Should I refinance? How should I file taxes and which retirement accounts should I contribute to?


Contract Review/Legal Help

Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Get paid what you're worth.


Tax Help

Think you're paying too much? You probably are.



Need someone who knows how to work with a doctor?


Student Loan Refinancing Companies

Lower interest rate, better service, and cash back. What's not to like?


Real Estate Investing Companies

Need to be introduced to some private real estate providers?


Practice Loans

Sometimes it makes sense to borrow to buy an asset that boosts your income.


Personal Loans

Do you really need this? Review your budget carefully and see if have anything to sell first.


Health Savings Account

Ready to invest your HSA money? Looking for low fees?


Self-Directed IRA

Got an IRA you want to invest in private real estate? Try these guys.


Self-Directed Individual 401(k)

Self-employed and want to invest in private real estate in a retirement account?