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I recently had a 10 page article published in Practice Link magazine titled “What Are You Really Worth?”  I wanted to title it “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel”, but the editor didn’t like that so much.  Several regular readers of the blog were also featured.  While the full page photo of me is good for the ego, there is lots of good information in the article as well.  While it focuses on determining how much a new residency graduate is worth to a prospective employer, I managed to throw in plenty of personal finance and investing pearls that would be worth your time.  Here’s a sample:

Congratulations!  You’ve been working hard for over a decade and will soon be leaving the now familiar world of residency or fellowship and moving into the real world.  If you’re like most new attending physicians you have acquired a good sum of debt that now must be paid back and have been deferring gratification for a long time.  To make matters worse, you’ve had little training in personal finance, investing, or business and are ripe to be taken advantage of.  Be assured that few other professions ever recite anything like the Hippocratic Oath and that there are many that plan to feed their own families off your naivety.
PracticeLink Fall 2013The steep learning curve you have been on the last few years will continue for another year or two with regards to your medical skills and knowledge, but you will also be placed onto an even steeper business/finance learning curve whether you wish to or not.  Your successful acquisition of this new knowledge and skill set will unfortunately be much more important in determining your financial success and living standard than what you learned in medical school and residency. 
Read more here (turn to page 32 in the electronic version, or click on the words “What Are You Really Worth?” on the cover to go directly there).

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