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Registration is open for the 2021 Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference, aka WCICON21 which will take place on March 4-6th 2021! Due to the severity of the ongoing COVID pandemic, this year we have decided to provide a completely safe and live virtual experience that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world. Even though the event will not be in-person this year, we still hope to recreate as much of the feel of going to WCICON as we possibly can. This is not an online course; it is very much a conference.

Each day of the conference will have live, interactive events. Our keynote speakers will travel to Salt Lake City. Including the AV crew and WCI staff, the 15 or so of us will be bubbled up at a hotel and presenting live. Our breakout session speakers will remain in their homes, but will still be available to answer questions from participants after their presentations. There will also be online chat rooms (including one for each lecture) where conference attendees can interact with one another.

WCICON is known for having the best swag bags around. This year the conference kit will include books written by speakers, a WCI T-shirt, and swag from the sponsors (approximately $100 value). If you sign up by January 11th, we will ship these to you so that you can have them in hand when the conference begins. Unfortunately, we won't be providing you any meals this year, but that has an upside too—the conference will be much cheaper than last time despite offering dramatically more content and CME!

CME for physicians, medical professionals, and CE for dentists will be available pending approvals. This activity is estimated to include up to 17 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ and dental CE credits. That may allow you to use your employer-reserved CME funds to pay for it, and/or write it off as a business expense. Considering how many conferences were canceled this year, many of you are still sitting on unspent funds. I can't think of a better use for them.



Keynote speakers this year include:

Christine Benz, author and Director of Personal Finance at Morningstar®

I've been wanting to get Christine out to a conference for a long time. Despite hating investing when young, she has now spent a whole career working to help investors reach their financial goals. Her favorite compliment from mutual fund managers? “I didn’t necessarily like your analysis of my fund, but I thought it was fair.”

Allan Roth, MBA, CFP®, CPA, author, columnist, and Financial Advisor

Allan has a penchant for pointing out embarrassing things in the financial services industry that they really do not want to talk about. A fan of simple, low-cost investing, he is convinced that even a second grader can be taught to invest effectively.

Mike Piper, CPA, author and blogger at Oblivious Investor

Mike was the highest-rated speaker from WCICON-Park City back in 2018 and I'm excited to have him back. One of the humblest people I've ever met, his breadth of investing knowledge is matched only by his depth of knowledge on a few topics (like Social Security) that he may know more about than anyone else in the world. Prior conference attendees said “Mike Piper came across as the most knowledgeable one in the room. I am thirty years away from any of the SS decisions, but I was enthralled with the info.”

Yes, I'll be giving a live talk or two as well and we'll get all of these folks onto some panels with the WCI Network bloggers and answer your personal finance, investing, and wellness questions as best we can.


Breakout Speakers

One thing I'm really proud of and excited about with this virtual WCICON is how much content we can offer you. Most of the time, the number of breakout speakers we can have in the conference is limited by space, time, and frankly the expense of bringing them all out. Those limitations don't apply nearly as much this year, so we have absolutely packed the conference full and overflowing with awesome content. Like most big medical conferences, you simply cannot attend it all. (Although I suppose you can try, since we'll record it and give you unlimited access afterward.)

We have divided the breakout sessions into three broad topics:


Featuring talks that help you to overcome burnout, find purpose in your life and career, and balance the craziness that is life as a doctor in the COVID era.

Introductory Finance

Perfect for anyone, no matter their level of financial sophistication. These speakers are told to assume you know nothing, define all their terms, and inspire you to reach your financial goals.

Advanced Finance

Advanced Finance speakers are for those of you looking for the next step. I can guarantee you're going to learn something you've never heard before in this track.

The best part? You're not required to stick with just one track. Bounce around from one to the other or even attend them all (eventually). Here's a sample of some of the speakers and lectures you'll see in each track:



  • When Life Gives You Lemons: Unexpected Wisdom from a Young Physician — Audrey J. Roberts, MD
  • Developing a Writing Habit: Benefits and Strategies — Ben White, MD
  • How to Cast Vision as a Physician Leader, and Why That Is the Cure for Your Toxic Organizational Culture — Brent Lacey, MD
  • You're Burned Out…Now What? — Dawn Baker, MD
  • So You Want to Take a Sabbatical — Gayle Galletta, MD
  • Don't Let Your Side Hustle Go Sideways — Jeff Steiner, DO, MBA
  • Changing Your Life One Line at a Time — Jennifer G. Christner, MD
  • Financial Freedom Means Changing (Some) Behaviors — Jess Thompson, MD
  • Romaine Calm: A Salad-Gold Evidence-Based Approach to Nutrition — Josh Liberman, MD
  • The Biggest Investment You Will EVER Make — Kate Louise Moreng Mangona, MD
  • The Gap Between Lifespan and Healthspan: Financial/Medical Implications for an Aging Populace — Khalid H. Sheikh, MD, MBA
  • How to Fall Back in Love with Medicine — Muni N. Tahzib, MD
  • Burned Out on Burnout? Real Solutions to Reclaim Joy and Meaning in Medicine — Sanj Katyal, MD
  • Living your Bucket List: How focusing on death can allow you to live a life on purpose– Faryal Michaud, DO
  • How to Survive and Thrive as a Divorced Doctor– George Hwang, MD
  • Panel — Military Docs: Benefits and Challenges of Balancing Career and Service — Mark Herman, MBA, CFP
  • Panel- Wellness Benefits of Working with a Physician Coach


Introductory Finance

  • Debtabetic Neuropathy — Cory Fawcett, MD
  • How to Have Money Conversations with Your Spouse and Family That Don't End in Fights — Brent Lacey, MD
  • Panel — Career Longevity for Women Physicians — Catherine Wagoner, MD
  • Financial Momentum for the Early Career Doc — Barbara Hamilton, MD
  • Student Loans: A Gateway to Teaching Finance — Ben White, MD
  • First Aid for Financial Literacy: High-Yield Topics Your Residents Need to Know — Brennan Boyd, MD
  • Disability and Life Insurance Planning — Larry Keller, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF
  • The Money Mindset Transformation Class You Wish You Had in Training — Latifat Alli-Akintade, MD
  • How to Build Another Source of Income by Investing in Real Estate — Letizia Alto, MD
  • The Top Mindsets and Skillsets Needed to Ensure Financial Freedom in the COVID19 Era — Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD
  • Stop Marketing, Start Sharing Value — Dena George, MD
  • How First-Generation College Graduates Can Reach Financial Independence — Dewan Farhana, DO
  • Financial Planning for Gen X and Gen Y Physicians — Chad Chubb, CFP, CSLP
  • Successful Budgeting: The First Step on the Pathway to Wealth — Disha Spath, MD
  • More Compensation: Your Best Investment — Kyle Claussen, JD
  • How to Nail Your Next Negotiation in 3 Simple Steps Linda Street, MD
  • How to Raise Financially Fit Kids — Sanghamitra Sadhu, MD
  • Panel- Developing a Financial Literacy Curriculum
  • The Foundations to a Great Tax Plan- Alexis Gallati, EA, MBA, CTP


Advanced Finance

  • Asset Protection — Jay Adkisson, JD
  • Funding Retirement Through Real Estate — Cory Fawcett, MD
  • Estate Planning — Daniel Kesten, JD 
  • How to Evaluate a Real Estate Syndication Chad Doty
  • Succession Planning Surrounding Your Practice Real Estate Collin Hart, MBA
  • Taxes and the White Coat Retirement — David Graham, MD
  • Medical Practice Buy-Ins Dennis Hursh, JD
  • Using the Insights from Behavioral Finance to Become a Better Investor — John Lim, MD
  • Retirement Plans for Medical and Dental Practices — Konstantin Litovsky, RIA
  • How to Invest Passively in Real Estate While Still Working Your Day Job — Lane Kawaoka, PE
  • The Business of Healthcare and Health Care Strategy —  Manpreet Samra, MD, MBA
  • How to Launch and Build an Expert Witness Business– Gretchen Green, MD
  • How to Evaluate and Invest in a Real Estate Private Equity Fund?– Alan Donenfeld, MBA
  • Beyond the Basics: Crucial Disability Insurance Facts Only the Agents Know– Matthew Wiggins

Plus participation by Leif Dahleen, MD, Peter Kim, MD, and James Turner, MD!

You can see why I'm so excited about this conference. Altogether, there will be over 50 hours of content in this “2 1/2 day conference”.


Deadlines and Costs

The Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference cost is $899. We have a 100% refund policy for two weeks after the date you register, but you must request that refund at least 30 days before the conference. Email eve[email protected] if you need to take advantage of that.

Unlike the last WCICON, which sold out in 23 hours, we expect registration to stay open until the event. However, there are a few dates you should be aware of.

  • November 30th — The last day you can get early bird pricing on the conference, a $120 discount (i.e. if you buy in November, it is only $779)
  • January 11th — The last day you can register and still receive a swag bag
  • February 2nd — The last day to get a refund (assuming you registered within 2 weeks before)
  • March 4th-6th — The conference itself

Register for the 2021 Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference Today for Just $899!

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