A large percentage of my regular readers have been following The White Coat Investor for less than a year.  You have probably noticed that full disclosure of financial conflicts of interest are important to me.  It is nearly impossible to run any kind of financial business, including this blog, without having a financial conflict of interest.  I cannot eliminate them and run a for-profit business at the same time, so I choose to disclose them and let you take that information into account when evaluating the information you read here.  As part of this effort, each year I disclose how I make money on this site in my annual “State Of The Blog address.”  If you are interested, you can read the 2012 report and the 2013 report.

Thank you!

The first order of business is to thank you, my loyal readers.  Thank you for taking the time to read something some yea-hoo put up on the internet.  Thank you for the thousands of emails, comments, guest posts, poll responses, and ideas.  I am grateful for the many people who took the time to show appreciation for the time and effort put into this site.  I also appreciate the many polite criticisms and corrections.  Sometimes we simply disagree, but occasionally I make an error and am able to correct it thanks to your help so I don't lead too many people astray for too long.  Thank you also for supporting those who support the site by purchasing advertisements.  I hope to provide the advertisers with good value for their money by connecting helpful professionals with those who need their services.


In 2011 I managed 162 posts and pages.  I added 134 in 2012, and another 206 this year.  The website currently consists of 42 pages and 460 posts.  There are over 6000 comments now on the blog, over 3500 from just this year, and that's not counting thousands and thousands of spam comments you never see.  I apologize that my spam filter only catches 99% of it so those of you who “subscribe to comments” see a few of them in your email box.


Viewership has increased from 5500 unique people per month in 2011, to 23,500 in 2012, and now to a whopping 36,400 in 2013.  Pageviews have also increased from 21,000 to 85,000 and now to over 143,000 per month.  RSS/Email readers have increased from 163 to 729 to 1477.  Newsletter readership has increased from 599 to 1,353.

Blog Finances

I have become much better at running a business this year compared to last, and made more money as a reward for that.  Increased visibility and viewership helped with that goal.  I was able to write off my entire gross income (~$1000) in 2011, but had a net profit of $6,749 in 2012.  This year I did quite a bit better, with the blog providing me the equivalent of about a month's pay for a typical physician.  Here is where my income came from in 2013:


  • Privately Placed Advertisements — $20,119
  • Google Ads — $1930
  • Amazon Affiliate Program — $1266
  • Other Affiliate Programs — $874
  • Writing and speaking fees — $3900
  • Surveys — $270
  • Tips from readers — $20
  • Total — $28,379


  • Paypal fees (allows me to take credit cards) — $506
  • Internet — $733
  • Cell Phone — $1052
  • Hosting/Domain — $149.39
  • Business Registration — $70
  • Books — $160
  • Conference and travel expenses — $2,313
  • Other expenses — $154
  • Total Expenses — $5,167

Net Business Income — $23,212

My financial goal for the year was a profit of $12,000, which I obviously exceeded.  This year I will be aiming for $30,000.  It might seem like a modest increase, but I'm not planning on spending more time on it than I did this year.

What's Coming Up in 2014

I plan to continue to publish 3 posts a week this year.  If I can get enough high quality posts, I'll try to publish one guest post per week from readers or financial professionals.  If you'd like to submit one, here are the guidelines.  I will also continue popular series such as the Pro/Con series, the Friday Q&A series, and the Back to Basics series.  The biggest news for 2014 is my upcoming book newsletter readers already know about.  Thanks to the feedback from dozens of you, it is taking a little longer to publish than I had originally planned, but it will be far better than the original manuscript.  I've added 5 chapters, expanded others, corrected errors, and clarified many points.  I'm hoping to have it available on Amazon in about a month.  Subscribe to the FREE monthly newsletter to stay up to date on this project, as well as get information not published on the blog, including a market report and links to all the best physician related finance stuff on the internet.  If you're not already following the blog via RSS/Email, you can sign up here.

Have a Happy New Year!