Set for life insurance ad
Here at WCI we're in the early stages of a site redesign. I've gotten lots of great suggestions over the years, some of which were easily implemented and some of which weren't. This is your chance to really make a difference in your experience and that of new arrivals at the site. Everything design-related is fair game.

In your comments, consider the following issues:

  1. What do you like/dislike about the layout?
  2. Readability issues?
  3. Organizational issues?
  4. We're also very seriously considering adding a forum- your thoughts on that? Would you use it? What categories would you like to see there? How tight of a moderation policy? Want to be a moderator?
  5. Colors?

  6. Ad size and placement (and no, ads aren't going away, this is still a for-profit site, remember?)
  7. Think back to the first time you ever came here. What was right and wrong with that experience?


WCI Classics

I would also like to add a category of “WCI Classics” posts to show off the best/most useful stuff here. What posts do you see as the “classic” or “best of the blog” posts?

Comment below!