One of the long-term goals we had with The White Coat Investor was to put on a live, CME-eligible conference for the community that has joined us in this quest to promote financial literacy among physicians and other high-income professionals. The first-ever Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference held in Park City, Utah in March 2018 was the culmination of years of dreaming and scheming. Despite signing my name to an agreement that required us to purchase hundreds of hotel room nights and thousands of dollars in food, we really had no idea whether anyone was going to come or not. So as you can imagine, we were pleasantly surprised to see the 300 person conference room fill in six days and then have to cut off the waiting list at 180 people the next day! Unfortunately, that left out a lot of people who would have liked to attend.

In an effort to allow more people to “attend” we considered several ways to allow for virtual attendance. In the end, the best option seemed to be to compile the conference lectures and the blogger panel discussion into an online course. That course is now available, and for this week only, at a huge discount.

The post-conference survey showed that 99% of attendees felt the conference was worth their time and money, would attend again, and would recommend it to their peers, so we considered it a smashing success.

When I went looking for conference speakers, I decided to aim for the stars and hopefully at least land on the rooftop. I was pleasantly surprised when the stars all agreed to come. You will be the beneficiary of their generosity. Famous authors like Bill Bernstein, Jonathan Clements, and Mike Piper gave lectures. So did experts in physician-specific financial planning, insurance, financial independence, and burnout. The resulting package is over 13 hours of video filled with gems you can apply in your financial life today.

It would be a very rare doctor who did not receive enough useful information in this course to justify not only the cost of the course but the time spent watching it. Nevertheless, just like with our other online course, we’re going to offer a 7 day no-questions-asked refund. If it has been less than 7 days since your purchase AND you have watched less than 25% of the course, you may email [email protected] and obtain a 100% refund of your money.

If you prefer to listen to the lectures in your car, download the Teachable app on to your phone and let this conference improve the quality of your commute for the next month. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer CME or Dental CE credit for the video version of the conference.

I had a wonderful time at the conference. It was a pleasure to learn at the feet of some who have profoundly impacted my financial life. It was also a joy to meet 300 other White Coat Investors in person. The skiing wasn’t half bad either! If we ever do this again, I hope you’ll be able to join us in person, but until then, enjoy the video version of WCICON18. I am confident it will have a profound impact on your career and help you achieve financial success.


What's Included

Here's a list of what's included in the online course:

Day One

Day Two

  • Decreasing Physician Tax Burdens and Structuring Your Practice Properly- Mike Piper, CPA
  • Balancing Work, Family, and Finances- Bonnie Koo, MD
  • How Physicians and Patients Will Pay for Health Care and Other Expenses Now and In Retirement- James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP
  • Physician Wellness: Are Self-Care and Work-Life Balance Feasible?- Nisha Mehta, MD
  • How to Think About Money as a Physician- Jonathan Clements
  • Financial Independence: Overcoming the Obstacles to Create the Life and Practice You Desire- Physician on FIRE

And, as a bonus, you also get the blogger panel discussion, which features the bloggers behind:

  • Passive Income MD
  • The First Habit
  • MissBonnieMD
  • Physician on FIRE
  • Rogue Dad MD
  • Practice Balance



Here's what attendees (your peers) had to say about the conference:

  • The topics were all interesting and pertinent…the variety of topics kept things interesting throughout the day. It was also nice leaving some time for questions and comments from the audience.
  • The topics, presenters, and meeting other attendees were all awesome!
  • Clements and Bernstein were highlights
  • The speakers and topics were all great
  • Loved the fresh content from Jim Dahle
  • Great information, interesting lectures
  • it was so nice to speak openly to other physicians about finances and not feel like you were being judged or ostracized from your peers.
  • Highlights for me were Mike Piper’s lectures, Jim’s lectures, Clement’s lecture,
  • Excellent lecture topics and speakers
  • Mike Piper came across as the most knowledgeable one in the room. I am thirty years away from any of the SS decisions, but I was enthralled with the info.
  • I loved Jim's talks and the talks from Mike Piper, Larry Keller, and Jonathan Clements, overall, very good conference
  • I felt that the lectures contained information for those of all levels of understanding. The speakers were all great and friendly. Frequently at medical conferences, the speakers are aloof and not accessible for more questions.
  • Loved Gutierrez's lecture
  • Dahle's and Clements' talks were outstanding and thought-provoking
  • Loved the Bernstein, Dahle, and Physician on FIRE talks
  • I enjoyed the knowledgeable speakers who provided new information and recommendations as it relates to investing and insurance
  • I liked the deeper dives into investing, corporate structure, Medicare, social security, insurance. Many of the specific items I liked were presenters' opinions.
  • It was great to unmask Physician on FIRE
  • Sarah's talk. She's one a kind. A real gem.
  • Dahle, Gutierrez, Physician on FIRE, Piper were my top 4 speakers. Skiing was great. [Note skiing not included in online version, although it can be watched on a chairlift]
  • The best parts were NNT and fiduciary duty to the patient, Social Security (for our parents if not for us), and seeing how to prioritize each dollar
  • The presenters were all outstanding. There was a lot of content, and I would come back even if all the talks were the same to make sure I get it all! I would also bring my non-physician husband.
  • Solid curriculum
  • The quality of speakers was phenomenal

The online course was offered last week to attendees of the live course and DOZENS of them bought it despite having already seen it live! That's how good it was.


How to Buy the Course

How much would you expect to pay for this course? The live conference filled in 6 days with a regular price of $750. But you won't have to pay that.  You won't even have to pay the early bird price of $650. In fact, if you act this week, you won't even have to pay the regular online price of $299. This week only, you get the course for $100 off, a 33% discount, at just $199. You don't have to watch it this week to get that price, but you do have to buy it before Sunday at midnight to get that price.

Buy lifetime access to this Online Financial Literacy Conference for Doctors today for just $199!