By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

What will you do in the next year to move toward your financial goals?

The Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference (aka WCICON) might be our premier product here at WCI, but it is far more than that. It's an experience. It's a premier networking opportunity for those in the physician financial and wellness space. It provides your annual CFE (and CME—17 AMA category 1 credits) needs. It's a vacation and a chance to get out of the winter cold and enjoy the warm Phoenix sun. It's an opportunity to get out of your COVID cave knowing that the ONLY place you can go where EVERYONE is vaccinated is this conference. Most of us will be safer from COVID being at the conference than we will be at work.

However, for many attendees at the conference, WCICON22 will change their lives. For them, it's not about having a good time for a few days, learning a few things, and meeting up with some good friends. It's about the outcome. WCICON will jumpstart their transition to financial freedom and all of its benefits. For some, it's a second chance at life, the equivalent of being shocked out of financial ventricular fibrillation. You may be one of these people.

Take a look at some of the results from pre-conference surveys:




Yes, there will be some experts there, including lots of people who aren't presenting. But somewhere between 15%-70% of attendees are nowhere near expert status. These folks go home from WCICON, make changes in their lives, become increasingly financially literate, and often return a couple of years later as well-informed conference speakers who are rapidly closing in on financial independence themselves. The transition in mindset, knowledge, and confidence is stunning.

People can jettison limiting financial beliefs like:

  • I can never learn this finance stuff
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Rich people are evil
  • Investing is something other people do
  • Doctors should not care about anything financial

Some might even view the conference as the next step after taking our flagship online course, Fire Your Financial Advisor. It will help them to put it all together, meet others with similar goals and interests, connect with those who can help them, and focus for three solid days on those goals.

Look at some of these comments from prior attendees:

  • “I left this conference inspired to live my life in a more conscious financial manner and re-inspired to lead in my physician community!”
  • “Amazing speakers. Fantastic. Wow! Raw, personal, real.”
  • “That presentation was life-changing for us.”
  • “Loved meeting with like-minded people and mingling with the stars of physician finance.”
  • “Really liked the diversity of talks, especially the wellness track.”
  • “I loved talking to the speakers and meeting everyone. It was so nice to speak openly to other physicians about finances and not feel like you were being judged or ostracized by your peers.”
  • “Outstanding job! By far one of the best virtual conferences I have attended. Better than most professional society virtual conferences.”
  • “I originally wanted to come to develop my financial literacy but after seeing the schedule, I was drawn to the wellness and burnout talks. I was BLOWN away at the quality of the lectures including one of the most inspirational and captivating speakers I have seen in a long time.”
  • “Such a great conference! It changed the way I think about my financial goals and my debt and I am now actively engaged in learning what more I can do to be financially independent sooner! The speakers were perfect and so engaging! I look forward to looking back at the speakers I missed. Definitely worth every penny!”

There's a reason that 99% of prior attendees recommend you come to this conference.




We've done this conference as an intimate, in-person-only conference (2018 in Park City).


Park City


We've done this conference as a big in-person conference with a last-minute, emergency virtual option (2020 in Las Vegas).


Las Vegas


We've done this conference as a completely virtual experience (2021).


Virtual Conference


This year we're going to do it all, combining the fun, intimacy, and connectivity of Park City with the accessibility and participation of the virtual experience. Either way, you win. And when you register by December 1, you get the valuable swag bag with books from all the keynote speakers, a conference T-shirt, and more!

Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy ConferenceIt's 50+ hours of material, 35+ speakers, 17 hours of CME/Dental CE, networking with like-minded professionals, wellness activities, free access to the full online course with all presentations, the swag bag, and more! Yes, we want you to come because we put a lot of time and effort into this. Yes, I personally want you to come because I want to meet you and talk to you about your fears, challenges, and successes. But mostly, we want you there because we truly want to help you change your life for the better, and we know this conference will do that for you.

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