I started doing a new series at QuantiaMD recently. If you'll recall, a couple of years ago I did a series of eight presentations on the basics of physician personal finance. These are audiovisual presentations, usually 10-15 minutes long, with powerpoint slides and my voice. If you want to sign-up for QuantiaMD, I think that's great. Please note that I referred you as it gives me some “Q-points” some of which I can convert to Amazon gift cards and use for Christmas presents. You have to be a health care professional of some type to sign-up. However, if you are not, don't let that stop you from watching the presentations since you won't be asked to sign in until the end of the presentation. Some people have even listened to them in their car as podcasts.

The first of three presentations that I've done this Spring is on finding Happiness Through Proper Financial Management. I basically took the idea that perhaps there are ways we can earn, save, investing, and spend that will make us happier than other ways to do those activities and explored it more fully using the “happiness literature.” Happiness is surprisingly well studied. Now don't get me wrong, there are much more important factors than financial management when it comes to happiness, but if your goal in life is to be happy, then you might as well take a look at every way there is to do that.

If you are a relatively new reader of this site, you may have missed the previous series. Here are the links:

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#2 Student Loan Management (This one is probably outdated thanks to RePAYE, but there is still some good stuff in there.)

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# 7 Estate Planning, What You Need To Know

# 8 Asset Protection

Now, enjoy the latest presentation, Increasing Happiness Through Financial Management and then come back and let me know what you thought. For an extra treat, read the comments below the presentation! Different audience there than here for sure!

What do you think? How you do increase your happiness by earning, saving, investing and spending? What tips do you have for readers? Comment below!