I remember when I first realized a SIMPLE IRA was not just a simple (meaning regular old traditional) IRA.  Once I began to learn more about them, I still had trouble understanding why anyone would ev...

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kids in jail


I helped out a family member with his 401(a) recently and thought I'd take the opportunity to write about this little known and poorly understood retirement account.  The more well-known 401(k) is act...

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How And Why I Retired At 53

[Editor's Note: This is a guest post I'm really excited about.  Andy Walker, MD, FAAEM is a recently retired emergency physician.  Like many of the best guest posts on this site, I solicited this one...

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Physician Retirement Survey

Physician Retirement Survey Jackson and Coker recently completed a survey of physicians about retirement. The most interesting statistic in my opinion is that 70% of physicians have changed their reti...

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