Limit Your Investment In Gold

Gold!  Gold!  Gold!  It seems you can't look anywhere these days without someone talking about gold and how you should melt down your jewelry and sell it or buy some to protect your portfolio.  Many w...

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The Stretch IRA

[Update 2020: The SECURE Act limited the Stretch IRA to just 10 years.] The stretch IRA is not really an investing, or even a retirement topic, but more of an estate planning tool. To understand how i...

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Investing in Malpractice Suits

There was a recent article in Forbes magazine that discusses how there are now numerous hedge funds who "invest" in malpractice suits.  Basically, the fund finances the costs of the litigation hoping...

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Expected Returns

One of the most important concepts for the investor to understand is that of expected returns. Expected returns are, of course, not guaranteed returns, but an investor who doesn't have any idea of the...

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dow jones

My Dow Jones Pet Peeve

It annoys me how the major news sites on TV, the radio, and the web report stock market news.  They report facts that simply don't matter to anyone rather than giving a useful update.  They love to re...

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