Best Investing Books of 2011

Best Investing Books of 2011 It's been a good year for the investing literature.  In my opinion, here's the cream of the crop of this year's investing books.  Black Friday is coming up, and soon the h...

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IRAs-Back to Basics Series

IRAs-Back to Basics Series Truthfully, most physicians have about zero use for a traditional individual retirement arrangement (IRA).  In residency, they should be doing Roth IRAs and later in their c...

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The Yale Portfolio

The Yale Portfolio This is another in my series of posts on fixed asset allocation portfolios (AKA lazy portfolios.)  You can read about the other ones here. David F. Swensen is perhaps the most succe...

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SEP-IRA VS Solo 401K

Sep-IRA vs Solo 401K If you work as an independent contractor, meaning you get a Form 1099 each pay period instead of a W-2, you're responsible for your own benefits, including a retirement plan.  You...

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Nigerian Letter Scams

Nigerian Letter Scams Most of you have heard of these scams and are smart enough to stay away from them.  But there are a few out there every year that fall for them.  Here's one that was sent to the...

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