Here at The White Coat Investor we see great value in online education. Sometimes that education occurs on social media or forums and other times it occurs via email or blog posts. However, there are occasions that a more formal approach is warranted. Organized, formal online courses fill an educational niche that other formats cannot equal. While they usually cost more than other approaches, the benefit comes in the time savings provided by the organized, distilled material as only the high-yield material is presented within an established framework. We have seen great success and feedback on our own courses, and have partnered with others to bring their courses to The White Coat Investor Community. On this page we provide a brief summary of each of our courses.


WCI Continuing Financial Education 2020Continuing Financial Education 2020

Subtitled The Latest in Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy, this is our newest, most extensive course with over 34+ hours of video content from dozens of the best known names in physician financial education and wellness. It also offers 10+ hours of CME or Dental CE Credit, so you can use your CME funds to pay for it or at least write it off as a business expense. No risk here. It comes with a 1 week, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee if you have watched less than 10% of the course.

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Fire Your Financial Advisor

This is THE original White Coat Investor online course. It is designed to take you from zero to hero in 8 short hours. It will teach you the financial literacy you never learned in medical school or residency and help you write your own financial plan. It is deliberately titled provocatively, but you will find that this course is useful even to those who wish to use a financial advisor because it will help you ensure you are getting good advice at a fair price. The course is dramatically cheaper than hiring a professional financial planner to draw up your plan and takes much less time than trying to find all of this information online and in your library. There is no risk here. It comes with a one week, no-questions-asked, 100%-money-back guarantee.

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We’ll add more niche courses here as we find them. Thank you for going through our affiliate links when purchasing these courses. Doing so helps support the site, doesn’t cost you any more, and often provides you a special deal.

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Conference Virtual Pass

Financial Freedom Through Real EstateThe very first PIMDCON from October 2019 is now available online! Learn about both direct and passive real estate investing, how to minimize your taxes, and how to integrate it with the rest of your portfolio. Includes the talk I gave and the panel I moderated (debate between proponents of active and passive real estate investing.)

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How to Get Started in Telemedicine

This course is put together by Saya Nagori, MD, the medical director for SimpleHealth. The course is subtitled “A Masterclass for US Doctors.” It will help you develop a framework for telemedicine, understand the legal and regulatory environment, figure out how to get paid well, and take you by the hand in a step-by-step way to get started. It is designed as an introductory course for someone interested in doing telemedicine, not for someone already doing it extensively. You can take it at your own pace and have six months to complete it. It costs $899, but if you use code WCI, you can get $100 off!

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Learn the Business Side of Healthcare

This is a Business of Medicine course put together by David Norris, MD, MBA who brands his work as The Financially Intelligent Physician. If you own your own practice, this course is for you. This is basically the online version of his two-day workshop. You will learn how to make, read, understand, and use your financial statements. You will learn how to be an effective decision-maker. You will learn tools that will help you determine, measure, and improve the financial health of your practice. You will discover how to determine and control your costs. You will also learn how to avoid fraud and evaluate any investment. It includes 31 video lessons with downloadable PDFs and MP3s of each lesson so you can consume it in your preferred format. The course is $1,495, but if you use code WCI2020, you get 20% off, so it is just $1,196.

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Planning to Win

This is a negotiation course put together by David Norris, MD, MBA. Negotiation is a critical skill for any business owner, but even an employee has to negotiate from time to time. The money you save in a single contract negotiation will likely more than pay for this course. You will learn the power of mindset. You will learn a proven system to improve your outcomes. You will learn to be an effective decision maker. You will learn tools to help you be more focused in your negotiations. You will discover how to control your emotions. The course is $1,495, but if you use code WCI2020, you get 20% off, so it is just $1,196.

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This is the online version of the very first Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference which took place in Park City, Utah in March 2018. It features a star-studded faculty including William Bernstein, Jonathan Clements, Nisha Mehta, Bonnie Koo, and Mike Piper. 12 hours of classes plus a panel featuring some of your favorite bloggers. Once more, there is no risk here. If you cancel in the first week and have not watched more than 25% of it, you can get 100% of your money back. But let’s be honest–nobody ever asks for their money back. All the same info that the attendees got while spending 10% of the money. What’s not to like?

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Medical Coding and Billing

Want to increase your income without increasing the amount of work you have to do? Work smarter, not harder. This course, including one short module I made for it, will teach you the medical billing and coding system. Even if you don’t wish to do your own coding, the course will help you to increase your private practice income. Developed by urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, the course walks you through the intricacies of the system we labor under and shows you where the hidden dollars lie. Get paid more with the same amount of work by taking this short course.

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