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October – Overcoming Paralysis by Analysis Is Harder Than I Thought
September – 6 Lessons Learned While Climbing Half Dome
August – How to Stay Rich
July – The ‘Guaranteed' Path to Physician Wealth and the 5 Ways to Fall Off It
June – A High Income Covers a Plethora of Financial Sins
May – Should QLACs Be Part of Your Portfolio?
April – You'll Probably Get What You Want Most
March – 10 HSA FAQs: How Many Do You Know? 
February – What Is a High-Low Agreement? 
January – The Government Want's You to Save for Retirement 



December – You Can't Protect It All, and That's OK
November – How to Think About TIPS
October – There Are Many Roads to Dublin
September – What We Think About the New Student Loan Changes
August – Financial Tips for the Terminally Ill (and the Rest of Us)
July – How to Invest Your HSA
June – Life Isn't Fair
May – New Changes to Student Loan Management
April – Inflation: The Investor's Greatest Enemy
March – What Should Your Portfolio Do About the Russian Invasion?
February – How FOMO Ends
January – Standard and Mega Backdoor Roth IRAs, and Federal Student Loans



December – Don't Miss the Forest for the Trees
November – Why IRR Is the Best Return Measurement
October – 12 Ways to Optimize for Career Longevity
September – How to Increase Risk Tolerance
August – The Benefits of Getting Rich Slowly
July – What Are Your Hobbies Really Costing You?
June – Yes You Should Worry About Inflation
May – Betting on Options Isn't Investing
April – Plan an Adventure!
March – Be Prepared!
February – An Era of Speculation
January – The Investor Matters More Than the Investment



December – You Can Deduct Charitable Contributions Without Itemizing
November – Did the 4% Rule Just Become the 5.5% Rule?
October – Giving the Gift of Charity
September – Investing at Market Highs
August – Why Doctors Still Need a 401(k)
July – Is a Cash Balance Plan Right for You?
June – Keep a Crystal Ball Journal
May – Why Market Bottoms Are So Hard to Pick
April – Tax Dates Pushed Back!
March – Stop Panicking, Tax Loss Harvest, and Avoid Scams
February – How to Think About Social Security and Pensions
January – Expected Returns



December – Two Bond Schools of Thought
November – Don't Give In to Financial Peer Pressure
October – Moving: Opportunity to Purge or Major PIA?
September – Dealing with the Silos in the Financial Services Industry
August – You Get to Define Retirement
July – Be Realistic About Travel
June – Where Are All the PSLF Doctors?
May – Taking the Hard Advice
April – Quit Screwing Up Your Backdoor Roth IRA
March – Roth as a Resident?
February – The Beauty of Simplicity
January – Beware the 60-Day Dividend Rule When Tax Loss Harvesting



December – How to Actually Enjoy a Day at a Theme Park
November – Great Quotes to Read During a Bear Market
October – Roth Conversions: A Great Asset Protection Technique
September – Self-Directed IRAs and 401(k)s
August – Success Is Balance
July – The 7 Years of Plenty
June – Real Estate Is Optional But Useful
May – You're a Doctor Not a Monk
April – Buy or Rent? It's Mostly a Question of Time
March – Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row!
February – Top 10 Physician Financial Mistakes
January – Seize the Day and Get That Financial Task Done!



December – The Speculative Fever in Bitcoin
November – Sharpen Your Saw for Maximum Effectiveness
October – The 80/20 Rule
September – The Wash Sale Rule
August – Lesson from the Case Study of Japan
July – Doing Vacation Right
June – How to Get Around the Once a Year Rollover Rule
May – The Best Annuity Out There
April – A Unique Way to Get More Asset Protection
March – The Coverdell Education Savings Account
February – A Tale of Avalanches, V-Fib Arrests, and Helicopters
January – Resolve to Fix Your Finances in 2017!



December – Trump Rally, Donor Advised Funds, and More
October – What to Do If You Have Money During Medical School
September – The Road to Happiness
August – Phil Demuth on Tax Bracket Thresholds
July – The Best Investment Financial Crisis Response
June – Managing Student Loans as a Resident
May – The 3 Different Types of Physician Financial Situations
April – Simplifying Life via Spring Cleaning
March – Budgeting Priorities in a Crippled Financial State
February – The SIMPLE IRA
January – Tax Harvesting and Donating Shares to Charity



December – The Benefits of Hiring Your Children
November – The Recent Changes to Social Security
October – Paying for College Education
September – Paying Tuition with Appreciated Security Shares
August – Gold as an Investment
July – Be Prepared for Financial Downturns
June – How to Handle Crippling Educational Debt
May – The SEPP Rule
April – The Myth that Stock Picking Is Adequate Portfolio Diversification
March – Balancing Personal Finance Philosophies
February – Roths in the Distribution Phase
January – 529 Tax Saving Schemes



December – Charitable Contributions
November – A Penny Saved Is More Than a Penny Earned
October – Quartely Estimated Tax Payments
September – A Certified Financial Planner on Staff at Medical Schools
August – Keeping Real Estate Investment Expenses Low
July – After-Tax 401(k) Contributions
June – Investment Approaches Masquerading as Legitimate Techniques
May – The Value of Frugality
April – Be Careful When Choosing Self-Directed IRAs
March – Lower Investment Tax Cost with Charitable Donations
February – The “MyRA” and the Benefits of a Very Simple Portfolio
January – Timing Tax-Advantaged Investment Contributions



December – Cautions About Increasing Your Lifestyle
November – Reduce Your Sequence of Return Risk
October – The Buy and Hold Philosophy Is Not Dead
September – Are After-Tax Contributions to a 401(k) a Good Idea?
August – How Not to Run Out of Money in Retirement
July – Bond Investing
June – IBR Management Strategies
May – The Boglehead Philosophy of Investing
April – Lessons Learned from the Cyprus Crisis
March – In Defense of Conservative Spending Habits
February – Quick Easy Things That Can Save Your Financial Life
January – Guards Against Income and Tax Situation Fragility



December – There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel
November – Avoid a Portfolio “Collection”
October – Don't Overestimate Your Risk Tolerance
September – Market Buy and Sell Tips
August – How to Choose a 529 Plan
July – Successfully Navigate the Critical Investing Moments
June – The 5 Enemies to Your Investment Portfolio
May – Fund Your HSA Through Your Employer
April – Plan Ahead for Potential Contract Loss
March – 3 Finance Basics
February – The Advantages of a Solo 401(k)