Wrenne Financial Planning

At Wrenne Financial Planning, we love working with young physician families. As you know, expertise requires putting in the hours in your given specialty. We’ve done just that through conducting 1000’s of meetings with physicians across the country. In fact, our entire practice is dedicated to helping them use money as a tool to build more space and freedom in their lives so they can focus on what truly matters.

Creating a financial plan is a fantastic starting point. And that’s why we love helping create them. But what we really love is helping clients execute on those plans. Maybe that’s taking a step to see an estate attorney, pulling the plug on whole life insurance, or starting back-door Roth IRAs. This is where the real magic starts happening.

And it gets even better as they begin to experience the benefits of their hard work. They begin to feel financial freedom. That could mean making great progress toward financial independence or feeling guarded against burnout. Ot it could be eliminating all the financial worry from your lives. Our passion is helping our clients get here!

We recognized that there are different ways to work through this process. Maybe you’re a DIY type. You want our advice but then you’d rather we get out of your way. Or maybe you’re an outsourcer that prefers full support. We’ve designed our services to be flexible to fit your needs.

And we provide all this with transparent pricing so you know exactly what you’re getting. We’d love to chat sometime more about what’s most important to you and see if we might be a good fit. Feel free to schedule a free 30 min consult with Daniel Wrenne CFP® or Jen Quire CFP®.

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Fee Structure:

Financial Planning for Residents and Fellows:

  • Single earner: Up-front fee waived $100/mo.
  • Dual earner: Up-front fee waived  $150/mo.

Student Loan Planning:

  • Single borrower – $500 one-time fee
  • Dual borrower – $750 one-time fee

Financial Planning for Attendings:

  • $1,500 up-front and $220 to $275 per month

Financial Planning and Investment Management for Attendings:

$1,100 to $2,200 per quarter for standard services (custom arrangements on occasion will be outside this range).

Or AUM fees:

  •  0-500K – 1%

  • 500K – 1M – 0.9%

  • 1M – 2M – 0.75%

  • 2M+ 0.50%