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At Wrenne Financial Planning, we love working with young physician families. As you know, expertise requires putting in the hours in your given specialty. We’ve done just that through conducting thousands of meetings with physicians across the country. Whether it is through a personal financial planning relationship or free content from the Finance for Physicians podcast, our entire practice is dedicated to helping you use money as a tool to live a better life.

No matter if you are a new attending looking for professional guidance to manage finances from the beginning or you’ve been saving a while and want a one-time review to make sure you’re on the right track, developing a financial plan is a fantastic starting point. We start off every relationship with a no obligation 30 minute chat with a CFP® professional to answer your questions and explore if working together is the right fit for you.

From there, we kick off a two to four month collaborative process where together we:

  • Gather data and organize your finances in a one stop dashboard
  • Discover your personal values and priorities that drive your financial goals
  • Develop a personal financial plan with actionable steps to guide your progress

As an ongoing client, you’ll continue to execute on the initial plan with investment management, implementation assistance, collaboration with other professionals, quarterly check ups, on call advice, and full plan updates all included in a transparent flat-fee. Maybe that’s taking a step to see an estate attorney, pulling the plug on whole life insurance, or starting back-door Roth IRAs.

Our passion is helping physicians, like yourself, build this life with minimal financial stress! If that resonates with you, we encourage you to schedule a free 30 minute consult with one of our experienced CFP® professionals.


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Fee Structure:

Ongoing Flat-Fee Financial Planning & Investment Management:

  • $1,500 startup fee
  • $300/mo to $1,400/mo
  • Discounts available for residents and fellows

Stand Alone Financial Plan:

  • $5,000 one time fee

Student Loan Planning:

  • Single borrower – $500 one-time fee
  • Dual borrower – $750 one-time fee