Sometimes it is not clear to a casual financial blog reader what financial services that blogger actually uses. It is entirely reasonable to recommend a company that I have never personally been a client of, but it's also nice to know what I actually use. The White Coat Investor has literally hundreds of current and past advertisers and I couldn't possibly use all of their services personally. Some of those advertisers pay flat fees to advertise while others have an “affiliate” relationship with me where I am only paid based on “conversions”, i.e. when you sign-up or buy something from them.

Long-term readers know I'm big on disclosures, but only the most hard-core reader has likely picked up on every company I have mentioned over the years that I personally use. So today, I thought it might be enlightening to list the companies I actually use, those I have used in the past, and in some categories, a few additional recommendations and perhaps a few comments. Those currently advertising with me will have links. I wish every firm on this list would advertise with me (how easy would it be for me to push Vanguard or Fidelity for instance?), but alas, such is life. At the end, I will remind readers of my current investment portfolio.


Companies I Use


  • Currently use: Vanguard, Fidelity, Charles Schwab
  • Previously used: TD Ameritrade
  • Other recommended: eTrade

I prefer the big companies in this category.

Mutual Funds/Exchange Traded Funds

  • Currently use: Vanguard, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Thrift Savings Plan G Fund, DFA
  • Previously used: iShares, Bridgeway, a few other advisor-sold funds I would not recommend

I'm sure there are some other good funds out there, but I haven't had a need for them especially given my preference for low-cost index funds.

Private Real Estate Investing Companies

It's impossible to know every company in this category. I'm sure there are lots of great companies here that I just haven't met.

Peer to Peer Lenders (as an investment)

  • Currently use: None
  • Previously used: Lending Club, Prosper

I don't even really recommend this asset class anymore. Although my experience was quite good, I don't think it can be reproduced now and similar returns can be obtained from less risky loans.


  • Currently use: USAA, University of Utah Credit Union, Zions Bank, Ally Bank, SoFi Money (a neobank I would use more if they offered a business account or an easier way to move large amounts of money), First Republic, Pentagon Federal (to get a credit card), Alliant Credit Union (to get a credit card)
  • Previously used: Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, University of Arizona Credit Union

IRA/Roth IRA Providers

  • Currently use: Vanguard
  • Previously used: None
  • Other recommended: Fidelity, Charles Schwab, eTrade

Self-directed IRA/Roth IRA Providers

  • Currently use: None
  • Previously used: Strata Trust Services
  • Other recommended: Rocketdollar

401(k) Providers

  • Currently use: Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Charles Schwab, Northwest Plan Services
  • Previously used: MedAmerica

Individual 401(k) Providers

  • Currently use: None
  • Previously used: Vanguard
  • Other recommended: eTrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab

Self-directed Individual 401(k) Providers

  • Currently use: My Solo 401K Financial
  • Previously used: None
  • Other recommended: Rocketdollar

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Currently use: Fidelity
  • Previously used: HSA Bank/TD Ameritrade
  • Other recommended: Lively

A very competitive market with minimal differences between the top providers. I chose Fidelity only because it helped me to consolidate accounts.


  • Currently use: My529 (Utah)
  • Previously used: None
  • Other recommended: Your state if you get a state tax deduction or credit, Nevada, New York, California, Ohio. Probably many others that are fine as well.

Education Savings Account (ESA)

  • Currently use: None
  • Previously used: Vanguard

Donor-Advised Fund

  • Currently use: Vanguard Charitable
  • Previously used: None
  • Other recommended: Fidelity

Student Loan Refinancing Companies

Mortgage Companies

WCI Continuing Financial Education 2020

Financial Advisors

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Homeowners/Auto/Umbrella Insurance

Malpractice Insurance

  • Currently use: COPIC
  • Previously used: UMIA, The Doctor's Company, Medical Protective

Contract Negotiation

White Coat Investor

As you read this I am once more off exploring canyon country and rappelling off bags of water and tarps full of sand.

Credit Cards

  • Currently use: Pentagon Federal (gas only), Alliant (everything else), US Bank (only at REI), Capital One (Business)
  • Previously used: Fidelity, Bank of America, Delta, several others I can't recall

Tax Prep Companies

Practice Loans

Personal Loans

  • Currently use: None
  • Previously used: None
  • Other recommended: Not sure I recommend this product at all, but if you really need one, try SoFi

Tax Prep Software

  • Currently use: Turbotax
  • Previously used: None

Bookkeeping Software

  • Currently use: Quickbooks
  • Previously used: Microsoft Excel

Blog/Podcast/Website Software

  • Currently use: WordPress, Vbulletin,, Skype, Zoom, Zencastr, Slack, Trello, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Nina Interactive, Google Drive/Docs/Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Adsense, Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Previously used: Many I can't remember

Web Hosting

  • Currently use: Siteground
  • Previously used: GoDaddy

Domain Services

  • Currently use: GoDaddy
  • Previously used: None

Phone and Computer Services

  • Currently use: Verizon, Apple, Dell/PC
  • Previously used: AT&T

My Investments

My overall asset allocation is 60% stocks, 20% bonds, and 20% real estate.


  • 25% Total Stock Market – Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund
  • 15% Small Value – Vanguard Small Value Index Fund
  • 15% Total International Stock Market – Vanguard Total International Stock Market Fund
  • 5% Small International – Vanguard FTSE Small International Fund


  • 10% Nominal – TSP G Fund, Vanguard Intermediate Muni Bond Fund
  • 10% Inflation Indexed – Schwab TIPS ETF

Real Estate

What do you think? Surprised to see any names on that list? Surprised that one isn't on the list? Comment below!