WealthKeel LLC

For over a decade, WealthKeel has been one of the leaders in financial planning and investment management for Gen X & Gen Y physicians and their families. Whether you are a delegator looking for a team to help you with all your ongoing financial planning and investment management needs, or you are a do-it-yourselfer looking for a one-time plan and check-up, we are your crew.

Our process starts with a casual chat that we like to call our “Icebreaker Call.” This is a free consultation with the main goal being “will this be a good fit” for both of us. You can schedule online via our online calendar or if you want to learn more, start here.

If you then decide to come aboard, we start our data-gathering process. Next up is your Discovery Call, which is our soft-side money chat; what are your goals both personal and professional? What are your values? Questions of that nature.

After that call, it is time to review your custom-crafted financial plan! We plot your course from where you are today to where you want to be, and yes, we know there will be course corrections along the way. That is fine and normal. Your plan will include five main sections in addition to your specific questions/topics: Financial Wellness, Retirement & Financial Independence Planning, Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, and Tax & Estate Planning. If you have a young family, we also provide an Education Planning section.

Our WealthKeel One-Pager includes an overview of our planning process, service offerings, transparent pricing, and ongoing service calendar.

If you are looking for one team for all your financial planning and investment management needs, let’s chat. Schedule your free Icebreaker Call here: Schedule Online.

Fee Structure:

One-Time Plan Creation Fee:

  • Delegators (Plan Creation + Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management): $2,500
  • Do-It-Yourselfers (Plan Creation Only): $5,000

Ongoing Flat-Fee Financial Planning & Investment Management:

  • Residents & Fellows: $400 per month
  • Attendings: $500 to $1,300 per month

Diagram for WealthKeel’s Flat-Fee Structure. No AUM fees.