My inspiration to focus on dentists and physicians came after my sister graduated with her DMD. She graduated with the typical 6 figure student debt in her late 30s and came to me for help. She was unsure about her student loans and the best way to repay those, along with saving for the future and playing catch up with her retirement savings.

They say life happens when you’re busy making plans. That’s why at TruWealth Partners my belief is that in order to live your ideal life you need to balance living life today and saving for your future too. It's a balancing act. As your financial advisor and thinking partner, I will be here every step of the way to guide you as you go through all the seasons in life- from graduating, getting your first job, making decisions on your student loan repayment, starting a family, accumulating wealth and one day retiring-to help you live a Truly Wealthy Life.

  • Services: Financial Planning, Investment Management, Student Loan Management, Tax Strategizing, Insurance
  • Ideal Client: Younger dentists/physicians looking for financial advice
  • Location: Palm Harbor, FL
  • TruWealth Application, ADV2
  • Website, [email protected], (630) 864-1068

Fee Structure:

Financial Planning:

Initial one time enrollment fee of $950 applies. Additional fees might apply for dual income families.

Entry Level: $150/month
Advanced Level: $250/month
Premium Level: $400/month

Investment Management:

1% first $500K

0.8% next $500K

0.4% >$1 Million