Thrive Retirement Specialists

We are retirement planning specialists dedicated to delivering a more thoughtful and strategic approach to retirement planning. We help clients maximize their retirement through four main pillars:

  • Low-Cost Index Investing: Using low-cost index funds, we build maximally diversified portfolios that carry a weighted average expense ratio of 0.07% or less. This is over a full 1.00% lower than the industry average, which means you keep substantially more of your return.
  • Dynamic Withdrawal Rules: Applying a rules-based approach to portfolio withdrawals, we can actually increase your sustainable withdrawal rate while also lowering your risk at the same time.
  • Optimized Asset Usage: We will help you determine the right mix and usage for your situation.
  • Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Coordination and Asset Management: Strategically planning and coordinating your Roth IRA conversion strategy and withdrawal strategy to minimize your lifetime taxes. Also, employing tax-efficient asset management strategies such as asset selection, asset location, and TLH.

After going through our comprehensive 8-Step ThriveRetireTM Planning Process to fine-tune and establish an optimized retirement plan, we continue to meet formally on a semi-annual basis to update the many variables and make small adjustments along the way as needed to avoid having to make any disruptive lifestyle changes suddenly later in retirement.

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Fee Structure:

All-in-one, single flat fee of $2,250 per quarter
No commissions, no referral fees, no % of assets under management fee, and never any complicated sliding scales.