We had so much fun giving books away last month in exchange for people liking us on Facebook that this month we're going to do it again. This time you're going to have to follow us on Twitter to win.

While this blog has been posted on Twitter automatically for years, it is just this year that I've figured out just how fun tweeting is. It is a great medium for sharing articles and observations with others. Now that I'm actually paying attention to it, my Twitter followers are increasing by about 100 a month. If you're not following me, you're missing out on tons of stuff that isn't showing up on the blog, the forum, the Facebook page, or even the monthly newsletter. Following me on Twitter is just as free as all that other stuff too.

Over the years, I've acquired a lot of financial books. Some are books I bought. Some are books I was given. Others are review copies. Some I occasionally go back to and reference, but many I do not. I also have multiple copies of several books. I need to make a little room, and you, dear readers, will be the beneficiaries. Be aware that only a few of these books are in brand new condition. Some are autographed, some are dog-eared, some are review copies, and some even have my notes in them. But the price is right for you! Some of these books are selling on Amazon for over $50 right now.

So here are the rules-

  • # 1 You must have a Twitter account. (Just do it- you'll be surprised how much you like it.)
  • # 2 You must “follow” @WCInvestor on Twitter (If you already follow me, pick your favorite post and Tweet it.)
  • # 3 You must come back to this post, post a comment using your correct email address, state “I follow you on Twitter” or “I tweeted about WCI” and list up to three books whose drawings you would like to be included in. After a week or so, we'll hold the drawings, contact the winners via email for their shipping address, and ship off the books. Easy peasy.
  • # 4 If you really think the book sounds great, but don't win it, go ahead and buy it from Amazon using the links on this page.

Now, without further ado, here are the books available to win this month:

The White Coat InvestorThe White Coat Investor

Yup, that's right. Not only am I giving away a brand new, autographed copy of my book, I'm giving away three of them as part of this promotion. It is still # 1 in its categories more than 2 years after publication and has changed the lives of thousands of high-income professionals. You can be next! Want to read a review first? Here's a totally unbiased one.

The Bogleheads Guide To Retirement Planning

This excellent book, crowdpublished by the Bogleheads, gets into the deep stuff with regards to retirement planning. This isn't a read for a rank beginner, but if you've read a few financial books I guarantee this one contains some stuff that is new to you and well worth your time if you're anywhere near retirement. Highlights include Chapter 4 on IRAs, written by yours truly. This is a hardback book, in brand new condition, and signed by Taylor Larimore and Mel Lindauer.

So You Got Into Medical School…Now What?

This book, by Daniel R. Paull, MD, reviewed here, is subtitled “A Guide to Preparing for the Next Four Years.” It is ideal for a pre-med to read between acceptance and matriculation, but is still quite useful for any medical student who hasn't yet matched.

Changing Outcomes


Platinum Level Scholarship Sponsor

This is another short book by David Burd, CFP and James Hemphill, CFP aimed at physicians. I wrote a little bit about it here, and it is subtitled, “a financial recovery strategy for peak career physicians.” The book, Pay Yourself First, is aimed at early-career docs and this one is aimed at mid to late career docs. It is well-worth the small amount of time required to read it.

Cash Flow Forever

Subtitled “the real secrets of real estate investing” this 241 page book by Jeff Johnson contains 40 chapters, many of which I found very interesting, but in particular one by the title of “But what if you live in LA” and another by the title of “Parking is king.” If you're interested in direct real estate investing and looking for some inspiration and good tips, check out this book.

How To Survive A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

I reviewed Ilene Brenner's excellent book here, and this copy even has her autograph. I realize I'm tempting fate by giving this book away, but if I get sued, I'll probably buy another copy and read it again. Recommended for all physicians, but especially those who have been served. Although short, it's going for $44 on Amazon right now.

Not One Dollar More!

Larry Keller Insurance Page

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This is a book I bought while doing research for the purchase of my “doctor home.” It is an excellent book, but no longer relevant to me. Its subtitle is “How to save $3,000 to $30,000 buying your next home.” You can probably multiply those figures by 5 for doctors. It is really all about the negotiation strategy that goes into buying a home. I am confident that the material I learned in this book saved me at least $50K buying my home. The book is a little bit old as evidenced by its pledge to donate 10% of its profits to those “comforting” people with HIV (who back then were still dying of AIDS), but the material is timeless.

The Physician's Guide to Personal Finance

Next up is Dr. Jeff Steiner's excellent, physician-specific primer, reviewed here, and subtitled “the review book for the class you never had in medical school.” It's a great book I've been recommending for a long time, but I'm probably never going to go back and read it again. Great for a resident or young doc and written in a concise, bullet-point, “review book” style.

Low Fee Socially Responsible Investing

This short book by Tom Nowak, CFP was reviewed here back in 2013. While I'm not a big fan of philosophical investing, whether “socially-responsible” or “sharia-compliant” I recognize that these issues are a big deal to a certain subset of people. If that's you, this is a great manual explaining how you can keep your costs down (and hopefully your returns up) without supporting causes you don't agree with.

Going for the Gold

Are you a gold bug? Or perhaps you're just interested in dedicating a small portion of your portfolio to the shiny stuff. This comprehensive book by William A. Storum, JD, explains all kinds of ways to invest in gold, including physical gold, mining stocks, ETFs, annuities, and even trusts.

The Final Hurdle

Earnest student loan page

Platinum Level Scholarship Sponsor

Here's a great gift for a senior resident, as reviewed here. This copy, autographed by the author, attorney Dennis Hursh, would have been in better condition if I hadn't enjoyed it so much, but it is hardback and will last a lot longer than you will need it. It is all about physician contracts and negotiations. It's not long, but it's going for $70 on Amazon right now.

Whew! 13 books total! I'm not sure what your strategy should be, but I'm sure some of these books will be more popular than others so I'd recommend only using one or two of your three picks for popular books and save the other one for a book that fewer people are trying to win. And if you can't handle waiting a couple weeks to read it, just go buy it on Amazon. Most of these are pretty inexpensive.

Now get on over to Twitter, follow @WCInvestor and I'll see you in the comments section! Remember- correct email address, state “I follow you on Twitter”, and list up to three books.