white coat investor kindle-01-01Wondering what you will find in The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing? Take a look at the Table of Contents below!

Chapter 1         The Big Squeeze

How increasing tuition, decreasing reimbursement, and regulatory hassle are trying to ruin your life

Chapter 2         Millionaire by 40                                                      

How to have a seven-figure net worth five to ten years out of residency

Chapter 3         If I Had a Million Dollars

How to convert income to wealth and vice versa

Chapter 4         Medical School and Your Wealth

How picking the right school and specialty can affect your bottom line

Chapter 5         Residency and Your Wealth        

Which financial chores you must do as a resident

Chapter 6         The Secret to Becoming a Rich Doctor                          

How to get out of debt, buy your dream house, and hatch a nest egg within five years of residency graduation

 Chapter 7         The Retirement Number You Control

Why your savings rate matters more than your investment return

Chapter 8         The Motorway to Dublin

How to quit throwing your money away on stupid investments

Chapter 9         Getting Off the Motorway

What you need to know about investing in real estate, whole life insurance, private investments, and your own house

Chapter 10       Paying the Help                                             

How to get good advice for a fair price

Chapter 11       The Basics of Asset Protection

How to protect your hard-earned money from lawsuits

Chapter 12       Estate Planning Made Simple 

How to avoid estate taxes, protect your heirs, and avoid probate

Chapter 13       Income Taxes and the Physician

Why you pay too much in taxes and what to do about it

white coat investor kindle-01-01Chapter 14       Choosing a Business Structure

Why incorporating will not protect you from malpractice suits or save you much in taxes

Chapter 15       Enjoying the Good Life                                       

How to quit worrying about your finances

Chapter 16       The Mission of The White Coat Investor       

How to help doctors quit getting ripped off

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