RFK Capital Management

RFK Capital Management specializes in one-time, project-based financial planning for DIY investors and those that want to become DIY investors. The firm’s founder, Ryan Kelly, is a CFP Professional with more than 10 years of experience in investment management.

We believe most investors can be well served by a one-time financial review or a one-time financial plan.

Financial Review. $975 one-time fee. Our main service offering is our financial review service. Most of our financial review clients are White Coat Investor readers that want to make sure they are on the right track with their financial planning.

DIY Investing Service. $2,500 one-time fee. We also offer a service that combines comprehensive financial planning with DIY investing support. Most that hire us for this service are young physicians that have recently completed (or soon to complete) their training. Clients receive a financial plan, review of insurance policies, investment policy statement, backdoor Roth IRA help, and one-year of free follow-up advice and answers to questions at no additional charge.


Fee Structure

DIY Investing Service:            One Time fee of $2,500

Financial Review:                      One Time fee of $975

Introductory Call:                     15 to 20 minutes, free