Pulse Financial Planning, LLC

Pulse Financial Planning is a fee-only financial planning practice based out of Rochester, MN, home of the Mayo Clinic. We provide financial planning and investment management to help healthcare professionals organize, invest, and protect their assets. Pulse Financial Planning is a fee-Only fiduciary advisor and never earns a commission of any kind.

Fee Structure:

Financial Planning:

  • Create a written financial plan with actionable steps we will help you implement
  • $999 financial plan on-boarding fee
  • $250 per month

Investment Management:

  • Optional for those that want to delegate the management of their investment accounts
  • Prerequisite: ‘Financial Planning’ service
Asset Tier Management Fee (AUM)
$0-$50,000    0% (Included at no extra cost)
$50,000-$500,000    0.75% Annually
$500,000+    0.5% Annually

If you would like to learn more, schedule a complimentary consultation.