Personal Choice Financial Advisors

As the father of a young neurologist with substantial medical school loans, I created to help you take control of your finances and avoid the often predatory advice given by financial salesmen. The information is designed to help guide you through any important financial decisions you need to make in residency, as an attending physician, and ultimately through financial independence.

For those doctors who would like more assistance, we provide on-going financial planning services with expertise in student loans, disability insurance, first-time home buying, planning for marriage and children, cash flow, investment advice, and retirement.

We have been helping people prepare for financial independence since 1991. As fee-only Certified Financial Planners™ (and fiduciaries), we provide you with competent financial advice that is always in your best interest.

In addition to our financial planning, we provide investment management services using low-cost, passive investments.

Our ideal clients are physicians who want their financial decisions guided by an expert with their best interests at heart. Financial planning is not a one time event, it must change and adapt as your life changes. Reach us at (513) 588-8080 or by email at [email protected]



Fee Structure:

On-going financial planning available for $250 per month with $1,000 initial fee (includes investment recommendations). In house investment management starting at 0.75% up to $1,000,000 for financial planning clients.