Personal Choice Financial Advisors

Chris Hansen, CFP® — My philosophy is that everybody needs good financial advice, no matter what your level of income or wealth. That is why 26 years ago I became a Fee Only, Certified Financial Planner™. My intention is to make all the advice I have, available to you on Why? My son is currently a neurology resident, and is saddled with student loans and numerous overwhelming financial decisions. To help him and his fellow graduates, I created FinancialRounds to address the issues residents will face right out of medical school and all the way through residency. Reach us at (513) 588-8080 or by email at [email protected]



Fee Structure:

Traditional AUM Client:

1% to $1M
0.5% $1M to $3M
0.25% above $3M

Retainer Fee: Typically, $200/month for Comprehensive Financial Planning which includes 2 to 4 meetings per year. Could be higher for complex issues.

One Time planning: $500 for complete student loan analysis