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Mortar is a vertically integrated investment management firm that invests in secure multi-family real estate investment opportunities in prime New York niche neighborhoods.

Our fully integrated in-house design, development, and asset management expertise has resulted in dozens of successful privately syndicated deals. This, combined with skin-in-the-game co-investments and in-depth local neighborhood knowledge, helps us mitigate risk and maximize investor returns, while allowing investors to diversify and deploy capital conservatively in projects and divest risk throughout the real estate lifecycle.

Preferred by investors seeking high yields but steady return may find investing with Mortar in New York real estate as an unique solution in the alternative investments market.






We're excited to share our new Vision Preferred Equity Offering, a New York based, Multifamily Value-Add opportunity.

The Vision investment is a new offering in a NY commercial real estate-backed asset. The offering is a 24-month, cash-flowing, preferred equity investment secured by the ownership of a multi-family residential development asset that will deliver quarterly distributions, and is expected to yield a 14.46% IRR.

The Vision offerings is ideal for investors who:

– Are looking to capitalize on the current US interest rate environment
– Seek stable, predictable cash flow and returns
– Prefer Short term investment cycles to maximize gains
– Expect quarterly Distributions with a high annual yield

Real Estate Webinar

Check out this recent webinar with Mortar Group from our Real Estate Investment Opportunities Series to get to know Mortar better. Anthony Morena joins Dr. Dahle to discuss what Mortar offers investors and talks all about real estate syndications. He helps us understand what syndications are, how to think about them, and how to evaluate them. Watch today to determine if Mortar Group may be the right investment partner for you.

Why You?

With over two decades of experience, Mortar believes in experience and smarter real estate investing. Mortar is uniquely qualified to create value in New York’s highly competitive multi-family real estate market: our in-house resources allow us to fulfill every role of the real-estate process as architect, developer, and asset manager.

Our streamlined process maximizes efficiency, increases value, and minimizes risk across complex deal-structures. Mortar’s comprehensive resources allow us to outmaneuver other real-estate investment firms and has led to almost two decades of positive investor returns.

Ideal Investor

Our offerings are ideal for investors seeking a higher yielding, but steady return. Our traditional investors are individuals and professionals looking to plan for the long term. Investors who think about their financial and life goals, and investors will look to protect their financial downside, while looking to continue to grow their savings towards their goal.

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