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At MD Disability Quotes, we try to keep it simple, easy, and efficient when helping our clients determine what they need and want out of their disability and life insurance policies.

Most of our clients really want a solid but basic disability insurance contract that will take the guesswork out of what happens at claim time. We want you to know that our goal is to build a contract with the terms and language that will compel the carrier at claim time to behave in a manner that meets your expectations.

When you buy a policy, the words really do matter not only in what you are buying but how what you might buy would affect what you already have or are being provided by your employer.

We pride ourselves on our 3-step process: Design, Apply, and Disclose. By designing the right policy for each specific individual physician, these disability contracts fit their specific needs according to their specialty and compensation model as well as their current lifestyle.

As for life insurance, we typically only work with term life because the product is simple and driven by only 5 factors: 1) Benefit Amount, 2) Duration of Rate Lock, 3) Gender, 4) Age, and 5) Health Status. Term Life Insurance is inexpensive and once you get it locked down, then if you ever want to decrease the amount or drop the policy entirely it is simple to do.

Brokers Scott Nelson-Archer, Amber Stitt, and the team have 25+ years of experience helping thousands of physicians across the country protect their future with disability income insurance and low-cost life insurance policies. Give us a call/text or drop an email; you will be glad you did!

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What to Know About Disability

  • 1 in 7 physicians end up having to use their disability insurance.
  • Resident physicians typically buy a $5,000 per month benefit and attendings 10,000-$15,000 per month range.
  • A typical policy purchased early in your career will cost between $200-$600 per month.
  • Losing the ability to turn the knowledge and skills you spent a decade learning into a pile of money by working in your profession for decades is one of the most expensive risks that physicians face.
  • Insure well!

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Why You?

Providing honest, well-researched expert reviews is what we do here at MD Disability Quotes. If you have a contract and want to know if it is built to meet your expectations, please send it over for a free review.

If you have questions about how your employer policy is going to interact with your policy, send it over for a free review.

If after a review by us, we will either give you our findings and if those are satisfactory to you then we will pat you on the back and say “Good Job.” If they do not meet the necessary criteria, we will work to find the best solution with the maximum discounts allowed.

Ideal Client

Our clients are usually those that are looking for a great value in what they are buying and want policies that are efficient and easy to acquire.

We are really a forward-thinking, to-the-point firm, that is not into taking lots of time to do the simple job which is finding you the best policy to meet your claim time expectations.

It does not have to be overly complicated to provide and acquire great coverage. We look forward to helping you!


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