Fundrise is the first online investment platform to create a simple way for anyone to unlock the previously exclusive world of private real estate. Historically, only high net worth individuals and institutions (e.g. big banks) could invest in private market real estate. Fundrise is making the same institutional-quality real estate investments available to individual investors of every size – no accreditation required – at the touch of a button.

Started in 2012, Fundrise has over 330,000 investors, $3.1B+ in assets under management on the platform and has transacted on over $7B worth of real estate. Fundrise combines state-of-the-art technology with in-house expertise to reduce fees and help investors outperform with market-beating returns and limited risk.

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Since inception, Fundrise’s portfolio has included both equity and debt investments deployed across $7+ billion of real estate. The Fundrise portfolio is primarily made up of well-located residential (think: single-family rentals in Texas) and industrial (think: last-mile distribution facilities). Led by these strong performing sectors, the Fundrise portfolio is well-positioned for growth in an inflationary environment. As a result, the average annual client return in 2021 was a record-setting 22.99% and strong performance continued with the 21st consecutive quarter with a positive return in 2022.
Fundrise investments are rigorously and thoroughly vetted by their team of expert underwriters. Each one is assessed for its potential risk-adjusted returns, and an individualized business plan is created accordingly. Fundrise has worked with some of the largest, most experienced real estate developers and partners in the nation, and actively pursue large scale investments in some of the country’s fastest growing metropolitan areas.

Why You?

Traditionally, individual investors have been limited to investing in public stocks and bonds, while institutional investors have consistently outperformed public markets by investing in alternative assets like private market real estate.

We use technology to enable individual investors to invest with low fees and low minimums into a diversified portfolio of private real estate projects, allowing anyone to unlock real estate’s historically consistent and exceptional returns.

While historically profitable, the real estate investing industry is notorious for its high advisory fees, hidden management fees, and return-limiting performance fees. Fundrise investors are arguably able to own real property in a more low-cost way than was previously ever possible.

We've reduced our costs and your fees to ensure you keep more of what you earn. We did this by designing new software that makes dozens of expensive-but-required processes much cheaper at scale.

We also handle virtually every piece of the real estate business in-house. We work directly with real estate developers and operators, handle our own financials, and manage our own deals. Because we've eliminated most intermediaries, we're able to keep our expenses low.

Ideal Investor

Fundrise selects strategies based on their long-term return potential, not short-term optics. One of the key reasons investors turn to real estate is to access the power of compounding, long-term appreciation. Our investment strategy is to acquire real estate assets that have significant long-term return potential so that our investors can bolster their portfolio over time instead of hunting short-term wins.

Investor Reviews

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Anything Else?

Fundrise Innovation Fund Investing in high-growth private technology companies has proven to be one of the best performing investments strategies of the last 50 years. However, these investments have remained almost entirely inaccessible to individual investors. We’re changing that, aiming to give all investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of top-tier private technology companies before they IPO.