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DrDisabilityQuotes.com is a Truly Independent, client centric organization with a dedication of providing unbiased & conflict free guidance. The last thing you need is an insurance broker who will sell you a disability insurance product and disappear. Disability Insurance is a service intensive product that requires constant following up of rights and riders. What sets DrDisabilityQuotes.com apart is that they have a dedicated customer service team committed to servicing your policy. After successful set up of your disability insurance policy, they will reach out to you on an annual basis for all your future options and rights. They pride themselves in giving clients value at onset, service once you are a client and advocacy when it’s needed most.

The Shopping Process

DrDisabilityQuotes.com understands your time is valuable, especially as medical professionals. That’s why they’ve developed a way you could request custom free quotes, compare them with the top insurance carriers and submit an application in the comfort of your own home.

DrDisabilityQuotes.com will shop the top insurance carriers and find all applicable discounting to build your custom quotes that align with your specialty and needs. They will also provide a phone consult to explain the quotes in full detail.

The Application Process

After submitting an application to your chosen plan, you will be assigned your own personal case coordinator to further assist you throughout the application process. They will provide top quality care and service during your application process up until you receive your offer and set your policy in place. Being leaders in the industry allows them to leverage their decades worth of relationships with top insurance carriers to advocate on your behalf. They go above and beyond for each client’s best interest to find the fairest offer.

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What to Know About Disability

  • 1 in 7 physicians end up having to use their disability insurance.
  • Resident physicians typically buy a $5,000 per month benefit and attendings 10,000-$15,000 per month range.
  • A typical policy purchased early in your career will cost between $200-$600 per month.
  • Losing the ability to turn the knowledge and skills you spent a decade learning into a pile of money by working in your profession for decades is one of the most expensive risks that physicians face.
  • Insure well!

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Why You?

We are a client centric organization committed to our client’s best interest. We are not subsidized by any insurance company and present no conflict of interest. We are independent advisors with the goal of providing an unbiased analysis for all.

Ideal Client

We assist all Attending Physicians, Fellows, Residents, Medical Students, Dental Specialties, Veterinarians, PAs, NPs, and even spouses in non-medical occupations!


“Testimonial for Bob Bhayani and Adam Zalewski.  I heard about Bob, DrDisabilityQuotes, via WCI, and after many years delaying looking at my existing policy, I finally submitted a painless amount of my info to their website to get some comparison quotes.  The response was quick, personalized, professional, and no sales pitch or pressure.  They looked at my current policy, explained it to me, and actually advised me not to get a different policy, since my existing policy was robust, well priced, and met my needs.  I found Adam, who spoke with me on the phone, exceptionally well versed, and genuinely interested in helping me understand my needs, and help me get (or keep) the right product.  They provided me with a huge piece of mind.  Complete, 100% recommendation.” – Dr. Pete, Psychiatry

“I’m writing about a positive experience with Bob Bhayani with Dr Disability Quotes, who I found through White Coat Investor. When I started my job as an attending anesthesiologist, I submitted for a quote. I was a healthy 31-year-old, and had just graduated from fellowship. I wasn’t treating insurance sign-up with any urgency and was busy with the transition to my new job. Bob made it easy to compare plans, and he was persistent in following up with me (if he hadn’t, I’m sure I would have put it off!) Bob made the sign-up processes easy, and I enrolled in a policy. 8 months later, I was at the gym, dissected my carotid artery and landed me in the neuroICU with a stroke. My right arm was paralyzed, and I was having speech difficulties. Bob was always responsive through the claims process, and helped get the claim processed. With physical therapy I made a lot of improvement, and after about 6 months I returned to work. My hand was still recovering and I wasn’t able to take overnight call yet, so my income was reduced. My policy had a residual disability rider, so I applied for residual disability to help with the transition. The insurance company denied my claim. I reached out to Bob to see if there was anything he could do. Bob made some phone calls, and 24 hours later the insurance company reconsidered their decision. He went out of his way to support my claim, and it really made a difference. My experience with Bob Bhayani has been great every step of the way – the sign-up process, filing a disability claim, and during the transition back to work. I recommend him highly to anyone considering disability insurance.” – Dr. Scott H., Anesthesiologist

“My experience with DrDisabilityQuotes.com was great! You all were very quick to respond and answer all of my questions. I appreciated how easy the process was to get quotes and the fact that there was no pressure as I took my time to decide which plan I wanted to go with.” – Dr. Jeffrey F., Internist

“Bob had been absolutely terrific to work with. Bob has always quickly and clearly communicated with me by both email and/or telephone, with responses to my inquiries usually coming the same day (and never later than the next business day) … I have somewhat of a unique situation and Bob has been able to help explain the implications and underwriting process in a clear and professional manner…” – Dr. David B., Critical Care

“Having had some pretty terrible financial salesmen come speak to my residency program… I'm trying to do better now that I curate our conference as a chief…[Bob] was generous enough to come speak with us last week. Bob was knowledgeable, straightforward, and answered all of our questions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and his place on your “recommended” page is well-deserved.” – WCI reader