Doc Insure LLC

The experience to get you the best, personalized coverage at the lowest discounted prices!

Doc Insure founder Matthew Wiggins brings his nearly 20 years of educating and helping more than 15,000 doctors to WCI. The Doc Insure process is all-online from start to finish and will ensure you get your personalized, discounted coverage as quickly and easily as possible. The process is simple:

  1. Request Your Quotes
  2. Review Your Best Discounted Options
  3.  Select the One the Best Fits You and Apply
  4. Wait for the Insurance Company to Prepare Your Policy
  5. Receive Your Policy Electronically

In 2004, Matt started out as a general financial advisor, helping people from all walks of life make and implement financial plans including insurance and investment accounts. After a few year, he found this dissatisfying as many of the people he was working with were already wealthy business owners who only marginally needed his help. He sought a group of intelligent, capable people who didn't always make the best financial decisions and really needed his niche expertise. Let's be honest…if you're a doctor, you know this description fits many young doctors and Matt found that out too! So, Matt launched his first of what would be three companies specifically focused on educating and helping young doctors get their foundational insurance protections done right, the first time!

1320 Main Street, Suite 300
Columbia, SC 29201

(855) DI4-DOCS ext. 101

Why You?

Exceptional experience in catering personalized recommendations to each individual, educational style that isn't salesly or pushy, knowledge of how to get the best discounted rates, honesty…we will NEVER push any doctor to “buy” through us if they have a better option elsewhere!

Ideal Client

Our ideal clients are young doctors who know they need advice but don't know where to get it and don't have the time to become their own expert or employ more old-school, slower advisors.