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DLP Capital is an impact investment company that is focused on doing well while doing good–meaning working diligently to provide great returns to investors while simultaneously tackling four crises in our country. Their investments are straightforward, easy to understand, and historically profitable. They recently relaunched their fund portfolio to ensure their offering aligns with their primary mission. DLP Capital now offers five funds giving more options to a wider range of investors– two that are brand-new to the market and three existing funds. All funds have the following criteria: 1) all DLP funds are evergreen, 2) they invest in critical workforce housing, 3) they are targeted to provide above-market returns, and 4) they pay preferred returns before DLP takes a management fee.






The new DLP fund is the DLP Building Communities Fund, which provides equity investments in the development and construction of new rental housing communities. It has the highest targeted net return of all DLP funds at 13%–with annual distributions and annual liquidity.

The second new fund is the DLP Preferred Credit Fund, which invests in real estate loans for larger, higher-quality borrowers, and has the highest targeted preferred return (9%) of the current DLP funds.

In addition to the two new funds, DLP Capital still offers the DLP Housing Fund, which is a Private REIT and invests equity in existing multifamily rental communities. It offers a 6% preferred return and targets a 10-12% net return to investors.

The DLP Lending Fund is also a REIT that is highly diversified and offers 90-day liquidity. It is designed to moderate risk, while still providing solid returns. It has an 8% preferred return and a target of 9% net return to investors.

Finally, DLP Capital also offers the DLP Positive Note Fund. Secured by a note agreement, this fund offers guaranteed fixed returns of 5-7.5%, with monthly distributions and the lowest cost of entry at just $100,000.

There’s a lot more to these funds than presented here, but this at least gives an overview of what you can expect from your investment with DLP Capital. If you connect with them, they can help you dig into the details further and show you how to get started.

Real Estate Webinar

Check out this recent webinar with DLP Capital Partners from our Real Estate Investment Opportunities Series to get to know DLP and learn more about what they have to offer investors. Don Wenner, CEO of DLP discusses the rate of increase of rent versus income and how that continues to increase the need for affordable workforce housing. Don also discusses the funds offered by DLP and answers questions from investors. See if DLP is the right partner for you.

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