Fees Matter.

For any business accepting credit cards those processing fees can really eat into your bottom line. But changing processing companies is a major pain. Trust me, we did it. And though we are paying lower fees than we were previously the new statements are complicated and can be confusing to read. When Merchant Cost Consulting approached us about partnering together it seemed like win-win for our readers and listeners (and us just to be clear. We get paid if you use their services). Merchant Cost Consulting is a credit card processing consultant that helps businesses lower credit card processing fees, audit credit card processing fees, and assist with merchant services consulting without the headache of  switching credit card processing companies.

Regardless if you are in a contract, integrated with a specific software or hardware, or are limited to your credit card processing options, their team can reduce your existing credit card merchant fees without the hassle of making a change. Get a free audit to learn how much you are being overcharged!

To connect with them send Cindy an email at [email protected] with credit card in the subject line. Or fill out the form below and get connected.

How It Works

First you send them a 3-6 months of your statements from your current credit card processor. They will find any hidden fees or exorbitant rates and estimate how much they can save you per month. If they can’t find savings, they will let you know. That was our experience. This is something we have spent a lot of time on over the years because we know how much fees matters so it was reassuring to know that we are getting the lowest possible fees we can on credit card transactions.

If they do find hidden fees or high rates, they can offer savings in three ways.

  1. They can go back 1-3 months and get your fees and overcharges refunded.
  2. They negotiate away any junk fees and overcharges with your processor to get your fees to where they should be.
  3. They monitor your future credit card statements so the fees, rates, and overcharges don't creep back up.

How They Are Paid

They are compensated only by sharing what they save your business. Basically what they charge you is half of what they save. They can save you a bunch of money, they keep half, you get the other half, it’s a win-win. All you have to do is send over statements to see what that savings is. If they can't save you anything, you don't pay anything.