white coat investor kindle-01-01Please post any errors you find in the book (even simple ones like spelling, grammar or formatting), or any suggestions for improvement you might have, in the comments on this page. As errors are found they will be posted here (and fixed in the manuscript from time to time- ah the benefits of self-publishing and printing on demand.). Major changes and suggestions will be incorporated into the next edition.

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Error # 1: On page 18 it lists HIPPA – Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act.  It should actually read HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  I thought I had changed that, but either I failed to do so or it got changed back in the editing process.

Error # 2: Header issues in Chapters 15 and 16

Error # 3 In one sentence it reads “I works” instead of “It works.”

Error # 4 There's an extra “a” in the first sentence of the second paragraph of page 143.

Error # 5 On page 135, the paragraph reads “I turns out” instead of “it turns out.”

Error #6 On page 76 the example uses a savings rate of 10%. It should read 12%.